Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble




I heard Trump is in negotiations with Thanos to have him dusted.


Keep praying hard and often good friend. Our lord savior, through God Emperor Donald J Trump, will protect us from the unsullied!


Don’t we need to be protected from the sullied?


Stop it! :smirk:


A Democrat actually might be in trouble?

Holy Cow! This I gatta see!
Sorry I meant Holy Crap, we need to get rid of cows
because they’re the cause of Global Warming.
Wait, I meant Holy blank. Crap is causing Global Warming also.

It’s hard for me to keep up with all of these Politically Correct Democrat terms.


Is Mueller still a thug?


Yes, he knew there was no collusion from the beginning and kept the investigation open for the midterms…


And there you have it.


These conspiracy theories always crack me up.

The moon landing was staged!!
9/11 was an inside job!!
Obama’s birth certificate was fake!!
Mueller kept the investigation open for the midterms!!


Lisa Page told congress under oath they knew there was no collusion before Mueller started…


What’s really funny is they were thugs before and now Trump voters accept the report.

What changed?


A new AG…


Basically, Barr told them something they wanted to hear.



Had Mueller come back with different results (or if there is stuff in the details that makes Trump look bad), Mueller will be a thug again.


The other way you can tell Mueller is a thug, is leaving a turd in the obstruction part. If you are not going to prosecute you say there was no obstruction period… Dirt bag!



This makes no sense, and no lawyer or judge would ever say it.


^ Republican speaking of a fellow republican/ex-Marine who has a sterling reputation.

All to protect Donald Trump.

I guess it’s going to be up to democrats and independents to defend the Mueller’s honor.


Prove it. You’ve made this claim a bunch, and I’ve asked you to provide proof every time. Every time you have failed. I think you made it up.


Wow how long have you felt this way about LE? You sound like a real rebel!