Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble


Putin would love that after getting his hands on 20% of Americas uranium thanks to Mueller and the rest of Deepstate.


Integrity? Mueller lost that when he berried Uranium One for Obama and Hillary.


Mueller will go down in US history as one of our true heroes.

it’s funny that people are still in Stage 1 and haven’t figured it out yet.


Thanks for the laugh! Uranus one was just a silly prop for Republicans to rail against president Obama.


That’s not correct. Putin did not get his hands on 20% of America’s uranium.


Talk about ironic.


He will go down in history as a thug, a crook, a rogue political prosecutor, & dirtbag.


I think he should be in jail, along with several members of the Obama administration, Hillary, & Obama for a coup & treason.


Of course you do. Because you don’t operate in this world, you operate in a fantasy world, untethered to any sort of facts in evidence. You live in something like a Days of Our Lives soap opera, only you think its desperately real. There was a movie like that, I’ll look for the name of it.


Man, you’re in massive denial.


PSA for trumpees: Mueller is still your special counsel


You much consume huge amounts of Republican media. Have it on all day or just watch it all evening?


So any updates on this? Last month, Mueller and his band of thugs were headed for trouble.

Any cheese in that enchilada?


Nope it’s a nothinchilada


since D5 came and went let’s try J20


July 20?


I’m looking forward to J20 (January '20).

Hopefully, it will be the end of an error.


Someone said J4 in another thread, but that’s already come and gone. But any day now.


This reminds me of spinach and his predictions of the market collpase. He would set a date it would pass with nothing and then push the date back…

Fun to watch…but at least he didnt abandon his thread like it had ebola in it


Is Mueller in jail yet?