Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble


Who is Q? Without knowing, how can you make such a statement? Especially considering literally every single prediction has been wrong. As in 100%. A perfect rate so far. Lol


When facts and reality turned, at least the OP had the self-respect to take another path.

Why haven’t you?


Doesn’t change the fact Hillary was and is stupid for using a private sever!


Okay. And does not change the fact Q has a perfect record of getting every single prediction absolutely and totally wrong. Lol


Nothings turned, Obama still gets thank you cards from Putin and his Supreme Leaders in Iran.


That is completely false. You are on a roll though. Lol


That’s vulgar.


Indeed he does. I saw them on the mantel at Obama’s holiday reception at his house. It was a nice reception, by the way. You should have been there.


So you have no self-respect. Got it.


You got nothing other then poor judgement!


Great point, as usual. You have a lot.


How did D5 go?


Great, what did you think of the funeral?


Oh - that’s right - D5 got moved to…D13? Later? I forget. Can you remind me?



What happened to him?


What D# are we on now?


i think Robert Mueller should be our President.


Thanks for the laugh! At least Mueller and his crew have integrity, that’s more than I can say about the guy you follow. It’s quite telling that you would side with a double talking charlatan compared to a man of this stature:

Thanks for the laugh!


Wasn’t needed apparently


22, possible voter fraud report from the Homeland Security.