Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble


Trump became President, that was a no brainier for most Americans obviously


Stop watching fake news, it shows!


Someone needs to keep you informed, obviously you need me.


Less Americans voted for him than they did his opponent. So wrong again. Lol


I don’t watch what most people seem to call “news” but nice try


That’s a lie, Democrats rely on illegal votes, he’ll they wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for illegal votes.


You are wrong again.

President Barack Hussein Obama is neither a “communist” nor a “dirt bag”.


Your lack of knowledge proves other wise.


Reciting more disproven Right Wing conspiracy rhetoric is not furthering your position at all.


This thread hasn’t aged well.


You accuse others of reading “fake news” and then repeat a claim like that.

That’s the beauty of right-wing fantasy land… You don’t need facts to substantiate anything.



It just took enough people, with no adequately functioning brains, in just the right electoral districts for Fat Donald to become president.

It was a freak accident, and now we are stuck with the freak until January of 2021.


Stop feeding the troll.


Illegal immigrants are prevented from voting in Presidential elections. Wrong again. Lol

And really, this claim of some secret Democratic plot of using illegal immigrant voters to steal elections is a funny one. Don’t you think if they could pull something like this off, undetected in some massive conspiracy that would be as large as one the world has ever known, that they would have used these illegal votes to win in areas like MI, WI, and PA? Lol


Coming from a Qanon believer, I will take this as a compliment. I’m not typically pone to insane conspiracy theories.


Oh, so close…’‘for Americans without brains it was most obvious.’’


Sorry, plenty of facts out there proves you to be uninformed, again.




Sounds like the electoral knows jacked up when they see it. No one wanted someone that was too stupid to know what email to use as Secretary of State .


I’m sure Q is smart enough to know what email to use unlike Hillary.