Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble


Don’t know for certain what that “Obama the traitor” may have said about “manufacturing”?

I do know though some of what President Barack Hussein Obama as President and as a former President, a man who was never a traitor, had-has to say about American manufacturing jobs.


He did no such thing. He said that Iphones aren’t made by Google. IOS default browser is Safari whose default search engine isn’t Google. What you seem to be suggesting is Google has co-opted an entire company’s business model from top to bottom and produced a talking point for you out of thin air. Weaker than weak really. You also assumed that this girl, her parents, or someone else, at some point explicitly downloaded a Google App, and assigned it as the default search engine for the device. Pretty sure that didn’t happen on its face value, and why would they?. if you can prove otherwise go ahead but that isn’t how Apple devices work by default. So on that point I LOL.

As was pointed out if you say a bunch of negative stuff, chances are your results will be negative returns.

As a person that works in IT, I literally laugh at the lack of understanding of how things work in this way.


What I think is funny is that when legitimate Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally drops all the dirt on Fat Donald and it is looking certain he is toast and that the House then drops their articles of impeachment on the Senate that it will be ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT POLITICIAN Donald Trump’s presidential fate squarely in the hands of SENATE ESTABLISHMENT POLITICIANS.

I have little doubt that if that should come to pass, but it would be ironic.

Amusingly so.



this thread aged so incredibility well dont you think? almost a week


So @conan you have any thoughts on this since we now know Flynn was aware?
What’s the shift gonna be now?


Neither one of them seem to have had much of an impact on manufacturing jobs. Looks like manufacturing jobs have had a slow, steady growth since 2010. Just like the unemployment numbers.


He payed off Iran for killing Americans during the Iraq war with a 150 billion, if you don’t call that treason then you’re clueless.


Is Mueller in jail yet?


Is Trump ready to put him in jail? No, I’m sure there’s a us full purpose for him.


Conan might tell us that now this is an EVEN DEEPER conspiracy, since it is now uncovered that this DEEP STATE judge was involved this whole time!


“This was not how Flynn’s supporters or Trump thought Tuesday’s sentencing hearing would unfold. They had pinned their hopes on Sullivan, an independent-minded jurist with a history of ferreting out prosecutorial misconduct, as the one who would reveal overreach by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and the FBI. Some Flynn allies even speculated the judge might toss out Flynn’s guilty plea and clear his name.”

That sucking sound you hear is the sound of a pin popping Trumplicans’’ balloon.


That didn’t happen.


You Qanon folks are interesting


That’s because we are on the right side of history!


You are wrong like Obama giving Iran billions to fund terrorism and selling Americas uranium to the enemy with out Congresses approval.


Sullivan is obviously a member of the "deep state"™ who is out to destroy Trump via a witch hunt.


You guys haven’t been on the right side of a single prediction yet. Lol


That didn’t happen


Has anyone told Judge Jeanine?


No matter how many times you repeat those lies you have obviously been fed from the Right Wing propaganda sphere about President Barack Hussein Obama and what took place with Iran they will never ever be true.