Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble


Would that include the Clintons and all the Dems that asked for and got campaign donations from him? Those that hate President Trump the most these days & are out to destroy him are the same people & politicians who kissed his “you know what” for money. Talk about vermin!


It may be that. But even if it is, this alternate reality these Trump supporters have constructed is dangerous for those of us in the the actual reality. Their attacks on the DOJ, FBI, CIA and other law enforcement and intelligence agencies tasked with protecting us, defending the Constitution, and upholding the rule of law are prime examples of this danger.

So what recourse should there be for those of us in society that are at risk from Trump supporters delusions and alternate reality?


I don’t know that we have recourse other than to prevail in the marketplace of ideas. I have for my adult life placed great stock in that marketplace, but Trump and his adherents and the media mechanism that made it happen shake that faith. The arc of history is long but it bends toward justice. Maybe.

Our Constitution demands that this marketplace be unfettered. In the final sense, the Constitution may indeed be a suicide pact.


So you have evidence that Former President Obama committed treason?


Not the kind of evidence that you would accept.

You’re the kind of person that doesn’t believe in alternate-facts.


Doesn’t the marketplace of ideas require an agreed upon adherence and understanding of reality though? An objective agreement as to what is fact and truth? What these Trump supporters, and in fact the entire CEC, is doing is destroying these basic rules. How can this marketplace of ideas exist simultaneously between those living in reality and those delusional and living in some fact-free alternate universe?


Good point. It cannot persist. As with any marketplace, it requires either an agreed on currency or an agreed on value. That currency used to have a common understanding with some relation to observable reality.

How are we ever to agree on how to launch a satellite if we cannot agree that the rate of acceleration near earth is 9.8 ms2, or even that gravity is a force that must be overcome?


You’re just pissed Trump had to erase Obama to help the economy !


Selling guns to Drug Cartels for starters!


Do you really expect us to believe that a man who used the very system you are talking about to get the things he wanted done isn’t still a proponent of that system? Really?

Lets get something clear here. Donald Trump is part and parcel of the very problem you speak of, and yet somehow you are able to give him a pass. The idea that he isn’t beholden to someone is a farce at best, and flat out ignorance at its worst.

Yes, the Clintons and all of those politicians are complicit in the whole thing as well. They asked for and got campaign donations from Trump and people like him. The converse of that, of course, is that he and those like him willingly gave those donations for things in return, so lets not act as if they are not responsible for thier own actions in this.

The simplest fact is this…Donald Trump completed the greatest con in the world by having those that in the past didn’t support his positions buy into the fact that those positions somehow changed, and now they will support him tooth and nail just to stick it to thier political opposition.

Congrats on becoming the willing pawns in his game of arrogance.


Mueller tried to pull one over the Judge n he wasn’t happy about it! Thank you Judge for your honesty!


You mean what Reagan did?


What are you talking about?


making Flynn appear less then the traitorous scumbag he actually is by recommending no jail time i guess?


Obama turned it in to business.




Ha- well that ended that stupid meme that he was coerced or something.


You think so? Betcha a couple of people here won’t let go of that one even now.


We’re heading to the first negative grown annual market since…2008.


I wonder what kind of people the Russians were targeting with their attacks on Mueller? I mean, who did they think was dumb enough to buy into their propaganda about him and our justice system?