Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble


Why hasn’t Trump stopped the sale of uranium to a foriegn country? Isn’t he complicit in this national security matter?


You can’t prove a negative.

And you, my good sir, are negative.


No, even where there are some crimes. That’s why there were crime available from years ago for Mueller to persecute Manafort… Obviously…


Irrelevant, stop deflecting, Obama committed treason and you know it.


Flynn lied to a lot of people about his conversation with the Russian ambassador. The FBI gave him an opportunity to correct his mistakes. He decided to continue to lie.


So you say…lol


Deflecting? Why is Trump not stopping anything with uranium one? Is it not possible anymore? If so why not?

Can Trumos DOJ stop the uranium AND investigate Clinton? Why aren’t they do either?


So you are saying that the Trumps DOJ… Mr. Law and Order… doesn’t investigate crimes? If a crime happened, why wouldn’t it be prosecuted? Do laws not matter under Trump?


Prove it wrong mic drop


Is Mueller in jail yet?


Somebody told me yesterday that he is.


Not just jail Guantanamo jail


Worried about what?

I don’t watch CNN except on election nights. Try again.


Fox News? Everyone knows Fox is a propaganda machine.


Not as much as Trump.


Russians are living in Russia.

Why are you so concerned about Russians? Did Trump promise a room at Trump Tower Moscow?


I just picked the mic up off the ground. Can you please drop it again?


It’s not the press that’s dishonest. If you’ve been paying attention to the factual reporting, it’s Trump and his whole damn admin. Crookedest admin. in U.S. history. Of course, those who want to ignore the factual reporting can choose to do so. Their loss.


The pathetic and dishonest Weekly Standard, run by failed prognosticator Bill Kristol (who, like many others, never had a clue), is flat broke and out of business. Too bad. May it rest in peace!


I’d like to know what story that should be bad Trump is okay being reported as bad.