Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble


Ummm. Nice try. The congressman said that his grandchild’s iPhone showed negative stuff about him on Google. The google exec pretended that Google does not work on iPhones.


Just checking in. Is Muller is jail yet?


Of course they are under investigation. They will investigate anything and everything searching for something that they can call a crime. Russia failed, Obstruction failed. Stormy will fail. And guess what? President’s do not plan their own parties. They have people to do it. President’s do not micro manage how the money is spent for a party. That is way below their pay grade. So the inauguration thing is a total act of desperation. It has already failed.

Isn’t John Dean a convicted felon?


Is Trump? …


Google does not make iPhones. I never heard him say or pretend that search engine doesn’t work or operate on iPhones. Link?


Oh are you talking about noted white supremacist and racist scumbag Steve King?

Because google doesn’t do anything unless you tell it to. Maybe Steve King should find out why his granddaughter is looking up all the stories about her racist scumbag white supramcist grandfather.


You’re thinking of Manafort. I know, I know, it’s hard to keep track of all of the Trump felons.

They could make a board game out of the confusion. Or an app.


Is everyone just being mean to Trump or are Trump and his inner circle criminals that have been caught?


It can, but it ISN’T the iphone itself which is what stupid grandfather King was claiming. He was asking the CEO of Google to explain an iPhone to him.

Will he next ask the CEO of Chik-fil-A to explain chicken ranching to him?


No he wasnt.


drinks a few more Trump-supporting tears


Salty tears.


You really shouldn’t make declarative statements when you don’t have the faintest idea what the story is about.

“I have a 7-year-old granddaughter who picked up her phone during the election, and she’s playing a little game, the kind of game a kid would play,” King told Pichai. “And up on there pops a picture of her grandfather. And I’m not going to say into the record what kind of language was used around that picture of her grandfather, but I’d ask you: how does that show up on a 7-year-old’s iPhone, who’s playing a kid’s game?”

Nothing google does would do that. The phone would have had to have a news app installed with pop up notifications selected (which will not happen unless you explicitly approve them), and Steve King wild have to had said something racist enough to be newsworthy (which considering he’s an outspoken White Supramcist, would be frequently).

And you should also consider how hard you’re trying to defend an outspoken white supramacist as well. Think long and hard about it.


An unidentified app made by an unidentified developer on a device made by Apple, clearly without age restrictions correctly set by the users guardians…

It’s Googles fault.


Why say ridiculously wrong things on a forum where some of us have graduate engineering degrees?

  • Google collects data from users.
  • Free games often have popup ads.
  • Popups enabled are often the default selection or even sometimes required if you want to play.
  • Anyone with money can buy ad time… even social organizations with an agenda.
  • Google will tell them what what kind of ad will have the greatest impact.

Whether Google was part of the equation or not could have been the main thrust of the CEO’s response. The CEO could have explained that.

But pretending that it was impossible for Google to be involved in that incident simply because Google does not make iPhones was a tip of the hat to the gyuk gyuk gyuk technically illiterate liberals that were listening. Adolescent antifa boys in their mom’s basements high fived their dolls when he said that.


I highly doubt you have a graduate engineering degree. If you do, it doesn’t show.

Now, please show me one app game that has pop up ads that feature news stories, and after you find that unicorn, please tell me how it’s googles fault that the game she installed on her iphone has ads that feature news stories.

Have you ever even played an app with ads on an iphone?


I highly doubt you would have any way to determine that.


So…you’re safe.


What’s funny - and very telling - is how many liberals here are so impressed with a graduate engineering degree that they are in disbelief that a political opponent would have one. It’s funny and telling in that in my world, such people are everywhere… and with a wide range of political persuasions. Apparently you guys live in a world where that is … not so much. Lol.:slight_smile:


My dad (also a die hard Republican) does have an engenineering degree and there are tells. You could be - you’re certainly stubborn enough to be one -
but I doubt it.