Much more dangerous that Cronovirus

With all the bruhaha about Crono (and liberals attacking Trump.about his response to that health crisis), here is the latest about a much a much dangerous malady in our own country.

Drugs seized in 6 of the largest fentanyl busts were enough to kill 229 million Americans. That is the potentially big killer of people. And, who is the biggest Fentanyl producer? C H I N A. Biggest exporter M E X I C O

Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!

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Funny thing about that instance.

A Border Patrol guy was in on it

A wall would help how?


Whoops :joy:

Funnels illicit cargo to check points.

Pretty simple concept. Engineered interdiction.


Because a wall is insurmountable when there are people on the inside paid to look away.

Makes sense.


Thread killer…

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It won’t be though.

We should no longer research or worry about t heart attacks because cancer kills more… Awesome!


Does not need to be INSURMOUNTABLE to be effective.

It works. The cartels follow the path of least resistance like any other.


Yeah. The path of least resistance was to pay off a border patrol guy to look away while they smuggled stuff across where the wall is.

This isn’t saying that a wall isn’t ineffective in some places, but that it isn’t a panacea that will solve problems.

This stuff can be deadly to handle. The more the cartels handle it the better.

Strong fence guides them right in.


Also comes through the mail from our good friends in China.


It would make the job much harder for both the smuggler and the POS border agent. Damn…that was ez.

How? How does a wall prevent paying off a border agent to look away?

So…he looks away and now what? This cargo has to get over that huge wall? The problem still remains…doesn’t it. If there was no wall, there is no longer a problem…amirite? :sunglasses:

No it doesn’t… it goes right through the front door. Why would you pay off a border agent then try to scale a wall :joy:


Oh…this wall has a front door? Who knew? Where is the front located?

There is no technology known to man to get things over or under a wall.

Yes…there is and it requires both additional time and resources…doesn’t it? Let that sink in.