MTG Was Surprise Speaker at White-Nationalist Event

“ Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared at a white-nationalist conference on Friday night where Vladimir Putin was cheered and Adolf Hitler was praised.”

She’s now claiming that she “didn’t know” it was a white nationalist event. I call bull-.

about two minutes before she came on the stage the crowd was chanting and cheering for Putin invasion of Ukraine.

also notable cheer were when speaker said Facui should be hung from a post in which the crowd chanted “STRING HIM UP”

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And her colleagues will come up with every excuse in the book.

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She is a true sack of ■■■■■

Her redesigned congressional district includes portions of suburban Cobb County and excludes some counties where her support was strongest.

Hopefully she will be booted out on her ass in the primary.



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Here’s your GOP.

Kevin McCarthy will no doubt be a profile in courage here.


You guys mean Patriot event don’t you?

Hey… be fair… Paul Gosar was there also.

Kari Lake… also was there

So, do we accept the fact that MTG and her team were too stupid to look into the event they were speaking at … or do we believe they fully were aware and support this organization?

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Look at this list of complete dum dums.

I was tempted to make a thread just to have fun with the “I don’t know who that is” type of thing.


“Excuse me, a minute. I’ll tell you exactly why I went. I went to talk to them about America First Policies and I talked to them about what’s important for our country going forward.”

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Excuse me, a minute. I’ll tell you exactly why I went. It sounded like a fun crowd.

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Looks like a couple of black dudes and an Asian woman among others at this “white nationalist event”.

Out of curiosity, as I have zero idea what they were meeting about, and don’t know what afpac is,…what makes this a “white nationalist event”??

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Meeting to praise Hitler based on the words of the organizer.

" . . . and Vladimir Putin is Hilter, and they say that’s not a good thing . . ."

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I was wrong. I thought this thread would be ig ored but someone came in and gave it the old college try.


Okay. So that’s what the event was about??

I’ve heard some prominent leftists have some praise for hitler. It always sounds ridiculous, no matter who says it.

And finally, do we all condemn the “black nationalist events” that costs dozens of lives and billions of dollars in damage in 2020?? How about the speakers and the supporters??

Just curious, but why are they pro Putin?