MTG Hearing Live Stream

It fits the description of every violent protest that occurred in the summer of 2020…or for that matter every violent political protest that has ever occurred.


What was different about this one?

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In other breaking news…water is wet.

Film at 11.

Yeah they should have called it Legitimate Political Discourse instead.


Reminds me of someone, from 2007


It would be too much to ask that her seditious ass be disqualified. But at least she has to make an account of herself under oath to the voters.

Hopefully, it may help get her booted in the primary and replaced with a Republican actually interested in governing.

A Republican who is not an embarrassment to the Republican Party.


Executive Privilege…for himself?

No chance, she represents (is a reflection of) her constituents. Sad, huh?

Prosecution: “Oh here’s you on video saying it”

MTG: “Oh I guess that was me”


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When she went after her Democratic opponent…who was not some Big Dem Party Establishment Liberal but just some ordinary dude who wanted to run and serve his country (seriously)…when she dragged his name through the mud even though she was a shoo-in to win…in a district where she was carpetbagging…that was it for her for me.

She’s a disgrace as a Congressperson (which is saying a LOT) and a terrible human being to boot.


No, that was reserved for,the mostly peaceful burnings and lootings of cities and violence by leftists in 2020.


That was it? At what point were you one of her supporters?


I was never a supporter. But there are lots of people I don’t support that I can still respect and who actually want to govern. Those people one can have reasonable conversations with.

But MTG revealed herself with these acts to be utterly despicable and uninterested in actually governing.

Perhaps. IMO, that is for the voters to decide.


Might help her out instead.

Wringers are funny political cudgels.


Well after all…Raising money is what its all about, isn’t it? Another Con victim…I can hear it now…“Please donate to help me fight to save our country and to stop the persecution of Conservatives in America!”

Speaks volumes about the GOP

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They have her now

But wait!

It’s ok it’s only Mad Maxine right? She does her “threats” live and in person. No wormy social media for Maxine.


Hey, did you hear about those guys raising money for Trump’s wall?

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Ask any lib…that’s different.

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