MSNBC Meltdown: Analyst Claims Trump’s Efforts to Free US Pastor were ‘PURELY Political’ | Sean Hannity

A legal analyst for MSNBC found himself in hot-water on both sides of the political aisle Monday after he viciously claimed the President’s efforts to free an imprisoned US pastor held in Turkey was done “purely for political purposes.”

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MSNBC’s expertise in ANYTHING should be under “rake it with a grain of salt” admonition.

“No linger a resident of N.C.” Does this MSNBC “expert” understand some ministers spread
God’s word where they are needed ? He’s ‘assuming’ he’s no longer a resident of N.C…
You know what assume means.
Who actually listens / watches these socialist media ?

President Trump 2020 MAGA Vote Straight REPUBLICAN to preserve American values !!

The media people simply can not swallow their loss so, of course, they have to be against everything the President does for the country. Enjoy your miserable life dems/libs!