MSNBC Calls the two dead rioters whom were shot by the Kensoha 17 year Shooters as Heroes

In a MSNBC tweet on twitter, MSNBC had fully tweeted a lengthily article dedicated to the two in their own victims of the white supremacist shooter, according to MSNBC these two victims of the Kensoha 17 year Shooters were trying to defend innocent people around them yet dispute MSNBC claims of that there is evedince that such claims arent true.

One dead rioter who MSNBC calls a victim is a sexual assault registered sex offender, twice, MSNBC appears to had let out that detail on these victims. They also ignored to mention that these two victims had a lengthy criminal record.

On twitter Biden Supporters/far liberals are mourning them.

Once convicted, any old 17 year old gets to gun you down.

That poor pedophile. Oh well, at least the left still has their Kid Sniffer.


There’s just not enough zimmermanning in our country.


yet you don’t link the Tweet or article.

Link to tweet and article?

In a MSNBC tweet on twitter, MSNBC had fully tweeted

Hmm…I think I know what we are dealing with here, everyone…


Andy Ngo?

And yet, when they died, it was for trying to restrain an armed someone who had shot someone else. I guess in some circles that would not be considered heroic.

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Indeed, Comrade.

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Creating links is hard.

Twitter may or may not be involved we don’t know

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Methinks certain…organizations…are slipping in their English language training again.

These things get tons of resources…you would think they’d do better with the language training…


No the link is from MSNBC/NBC


Two men killed by gunman at Jacob Blake police shooting protest have been identified by authorities.

The two men, Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, were killed Tuesday when they tried to intervene during the alleged shooting rampage by the teenager. A third man, Gaige P. Grosskreutz, was also wounded in the attack.

Declaring these two as heroes who tried to stop the teenager. A lie and nothing in the artlcie mentions that Huber had a gun hidden.

Kramer met Huber in middle school in Kenosha and recalled that his skateboard “was an extension of his body.”

In an interview with NBC News, Shirley Ann Eubank, Rosenbaum’s aunt, called him a “precious young man.”

“I loved him dearly,” she said. “He was like a son to me. It is so very sad that this country has gotten so out of control.”

Grosskreutz, who had been volunteering as a medic at the protests and was carrying a gun, according to the documents, was shot in the arm. [NBC affiliate WTMJ reported

The aunt has forgotten that Rosenbaum had a pedo record and other criminal offenses.


Bad AI or a certain type of…shall we say…farm?


Why the hate on Andy Ngo? he has done qutie the reporting on these rioting and looting unlike MSNBC,CNN,ABC,NBC which had called these riots “Mostly peaceful protests”

If you’re a crook you’re not allowed to stop a vigilante from murdering others.

You deserve what you get if you try.


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