MrOT3.0 makes first prediction on Sean Hannity Forum re: SCOTUS

MrOT Perdiction as follows: The new dem strategery to watch for in the wake of the perfectly awesome promised departure of Justus Kennedy.

The dems new strategery shall be forthcoming. (The current one about not doing judges during ANY 'lection year…even when it’s only a mayoral in Remlap,Idaho) ain’t flying.

They (with straight faces) will say that since meanie Trumpus KAG appointed conservative firebrand justice Neil Gorsuchandsuch last time IT IS ONLY FAIR that this time around he nominate a truly liberal progressive socialist communist judge this time.

An imminently wonderful choice would be Judge Derrick Watson of the great state of Hawaii. He’s the guy who aborted Trump’s wise policy of keeping terrorists from immigrating to the U.S.) Failing that, perhaps Pokiehantas.

That sort of thing. You watch!