Mr. Rogers - a villain after all

Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood was universally loved. Liberal, conservative, Black, White, male, female, rich or poor- everyone loved him and thought he was a genuinely nice man.

Well, how little did we know.

Francois Clemmons, who played the policeman, Officer Clemmons, on the Neighborhood, evidently is a queer.
He now says that Rogers told him, early on, not to come out of the closet if he wanted to be on the show. He also advised him to get married to a woman.

This was HORRIBLE of Rogers. How dare him look down on perversion or perverts.
If there are any statues or plaques to Rogers they need to come down.
I think we will all agree.

Where is he looking down on perversions or perverts?

Clemmons wasn’t a child molester - which is a pervert.

He was just gay in a time when people weren’t allowed to be open about who they were, certainly not on a kid’s tv show.

To Rogers’ credit he gave the guy a job and didn’t just kick him to the curb.

The ultra-militant gays may be “disappointed” or “outraged” that Rogers was true to his time, but to heck with them, as well as to those who make it so difficult for gays to come out today as well.


Clemmons loved Fred Rodgers.

So does everyone else.


It seems like Fred Rodgers loved Clemmons.

Homosexuality is a perversion.

an aberrant sexual practice or interest especially when habitual
Perversion | Definition of Perversion by Merriam-Webster

Aberrant means abnormal. Homosexuality occurs in 3%-6% of the population. That makes it abnormal.

I suspect Clemmons loves all males.

Thought you were a Christian?

Shouldn’t you be leaving judgement to God?

Especially since you probably know at least two if not more people who are gay, and have some of them right in your own family.

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And by “loves all males” you mean have sex with anyone and everyone who will let him get into their pants?

You don’t know anything about gays.

Or are you alright with straights “loving” all women… kinda like Trump? Gary Hart?

If you judge that homosexual is not a perversion, then you are judging.

Scripturally, we are told to judge, many times. “Throw not your pearls before the swine” How are we to discern swine without judging? We can’t.
“Judge not, that you be not judged” in the original Greek reads “Condemn not that you be not condemned.” Do not judge who is going to heaven or hell. THAT is up to God.
Homosexuals are perverts. I will say it again.

Don’t tell me what I mean. Judging from your posts, I doubt you know what YOU even mean.

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He made a very nice tribute in one of the documentaries.

They were friends.

What year was it that Mr. Rogers gave that advice?

Many of us don’t give a crap what your bible says. Leave people alone.

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Late 60s most likely. And who cares, thread is just an excuse for the OP to call people perverts anyway.

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McAlpine bought religion up. I was responding to him. Go tell him about it.

But you do think of yourself as a Christian, correct?

And feel you’re spreading the gospel when you call a whole group of people you don’t know perverts.

Well…you do know some in your own circle of family and friends, I guarantee it.

Could the late Fred Rogers have been expressing the Christian viewpoint and advice for those attracted to members of the same sex? Christian faith teaches that when tempted by sin, Jesus resisted.

Human beings are taught by Christians to resist temptation and properly channel the sexual desire:

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Fred had more important things to worry about: sweaters and shoes…

No, I think he was more concerned with setting a good example for children about how to treat others.

I love threads like these.

They are priceless.