Mr. Cuomo, Here is why America is great

  1. We are the most generous country in the world. Nobody else comes close.

  2. Whenever there is a natural disaster, anywhere in the world, the U.S. is the first to show up to help. Even for our enemies.

  1. There would be no freedom anywhere in the world if not for the U.S.

  2. We saved the world. Twice.

  3. When the world faces Islamic or other tyranny, U.S. blood and treasure is the only thing to stop it.

  4. Anyone from nearly anywhere in the world can become an American. It is impossible to become a German, an Italian or a Frenchman.

  5. Anybody. Any race. ethnicity or religion can and probably will succeed, if he stays out of trouble and prepares for life.

  6. Our creativity is unmatched by any country in the world. Nobody can come close to the number of life changing, life saving inventions and innovations. The world was barely advancing at all until the U.S. was formed.

  7. We were the first to fly and the only footprints on the moon belong to Americans.

  8. There is not a more just, fair place on Earth than the U.S.

  9. We are so great, that millions, possibly billions of people around the world want to come here. But nobody wants to leave. That’s says it all.

Are we perfect? Of course not. We are not perfect, but we are the best place in the world. This is meant to be an upbeat thread inspire gratitude. Not yet another forum to demean each other. So I invite anyone of any political persuasion to share your reason for loving America.


Trumpbots make me laugh.

I do not believe a great country filled with great people would decide that Donald Trump is the best person to lead them.


Cuomo had a decent speech.

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  1. That doesn’t address Cuomo’s statement.

  2. The popular vote =/= the country.

Trumpists are unhinged.

Oh, and that’s a stupid list. Hell, we couldn’t even arrive at Puerto Rico first and parts still are without electricity.

Trump’s campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again”, implying that previously it wasn’t great. OP, what do you say about this?

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It’s clear that your average Trumpist has not left the trailer park for more than a day.

Awe hindsight. You missed an opportunity not to demean people. As I said, why do you love America? Want to contribute?

Well… we do put children in cages.

So we got that going for us… I guess.

Have you ever considered anger management? Or maybe yoga? As I said, this thread is about what we all share. A love for America. What do you love the most?


^and this.

Certainly not this…

You don’t get to hijack the topic and turn it into yet another anti Trump tread. We already have about 9000 of them. There is no shortage. I respectfully ask that you reply to the topic. Thank’s in advance.

Oh my. I think I’ve stumped him LOL!

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I already covered this. I plainly said that we are not perfect. We are simply the best. So what do you love about America?

Not a fan of how many people we lock up either. Some deserve it, but we also have a prison-industrial complex unlike most rich nations.

When Trump said it, I agreed with it.

When Cuomo said it, I got outraged and made an OP.

Don’t try to change the topic of my thread by making the obvious comparison to highlight my hypocrisy.


Yep, 1400 dead US citizens but fat donald threw paper towels at them, so they should be ok. #MAGA

I’m assuming that you are not going to contribute to the topic? You are stuck in the muck of negativity? Your loss.