Moving the Goalposts Again

First it was a “two week quarantine”.

Then, moronic expressions like “shelter in place”, and forced penalties imposed on small businesses deemed “inessential”.

Wash your hands (as if no one has ever done that before).

Hand sanitizer (no one ever heard of that, either.)

Socially distance. 6 feet, as if we’re all in our neighbors’ faces at the grocery store.

Mask up. Won’t you please help those less fortuate to access a mask?

Now some of us are lucky enough to have access to the first round of various vaccines, and it’s two masks?!

If vaccines are so wonderful, why do we need additional masks? And what’s next? If the CDC tells us we need to don riot gear & not leave home unless we’re dressed like SWAT officers, should we blindly do that, too?

Seems with a number of health causes, the envelope is forever being pushed, and not just with responses to COVID 19. First they were singing the praises of condoms. Then, they wanted free birth control on all health insurance policies—even when the purchaser is a 60 year old small business owner. Now some want a distribution center for free bc for everyone.

First, in the 1950s, heart disease was acknowledged:

Then, many went low fat & Jazzercise in the decades that followed. Turns out some of these “low fat” products make up for the taste lost with additional sugar (bad for diabetics), and various populations consume a lot of animal fats, but have low rates of heart disease.

Why should anyone then trust the CDC or anyone who claims scientific credentials on COVID 19 or any other issue? Or at least not do some research themselves to form an opinion of their own as to what is more or less credible?

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Well, that’s how science works. When new evidence is found, the goalposts are moved.

Only in politics is inflexibility looked at as a positive attribute.


It’s almost like when new things are discovered the guidance about those things changes.


I wear a mask even after being infected but two for some would be difficult my father has a hard time breathing with one and he deals with it I doubt him and others could do two.

I’m wondering if the vaccine is such a godsend, why double up?

I don’t even object to wearing one as someone who prefers to avoid common colds as well.


It’s almost like this is a disease that no one knew about until a little over a year ago and we’re still trying to figure it out.


oh sure, next thing they’ll say is that polar bears can swim and that global warming is a hoax to make everyone a communist…

Discovering new things is so coastal elitist.


I know it’s really strange to think the more we learn about a disease that the guidance might change.

I mean…who woulda thunk it?

PS Two weeks to stop the spread was a political thing…that didn’t come from the scientists.

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We should still be prescribing thalidomide to pregnant mothers.

After all, doctors said it was OK at the time. Then they “moved the goalposts”.


Stupid dentists always changing their procedures. I’ll stick to my pliers thank you

About 3% of the population has been vaccinated so far.

Come on…you’re smarter than this!


Not the super religious type, but Proverbs 12:15 always comes to mind.

The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.

It seems this is the exact opposite attitude many have taken. I’m right, nothing will change my mind and any evidence to the contrary is fake/evil. This is obviously not a new phenomenon.

One might say it’s as old as it possibly could be.

When the world was proven to be round, those goalposts were moved.

That physicians said it was safe as a treatment for pregnancy related nausea should make one ask why so many blindly accept what MDs and scientists preach.

Incidentally, that drug does have other uses, but patients must agree to practice birth control while on it:

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How the ■■■■ are we supposed to predict a mutation?

Wouldn’t that mean we will always wear a mask then? This virus isn’t going to be eradicated just a never ending upgrading a booster shot to fight a new mutation. Then add that to the 30% of the population who are saying they are never going to get a vaccine it’s easy to see it will not eradicated.

I wear a mask but once I get the vaccine I will only wear it if mandated by the business I am entering. Even Faucci said the something along that line, that the goal is to get back to what we had not to forever have to wear a mask like the Japanese. He even said why else would we take the vaccine if we have to wear a mask forever.

they say the left never realizes what they are doing is wrong. they just think they havent done enough of it yet

this is a perfect example


Yea… Science is bad.