Motherless Brooklyn

I saw the neo-noir film Motherless Brooklyn starring Edward Norton today, and it was a good film. I liked the performances in the film.

The story was good as well.

I recommend everyone to see this film.

I give it a grade of an B+.


I just want to add that we shouldn’t forget that a firefighter died because of this movie.

My industry is really unconcerned with safety.

There is an attitude that we call “cinematic immunity” that leads to all sorts of shenanigans.

You’d think that would have changed after Vic Morrow and two children died from helicopter rotor blades while filming The Twilight Zone movie.

Nope. Every once and a while someone dies and there is a hub bub… but the fact is that safety costs money.

And that is the prime motivating factor.

I remember reading the book “Outrageous Conduct” that laid out the incident in the Twilight Zone Movie segment directed by John Landis. (The film was four TZ episodes by different directors.)

As for “Motherless Brooklyn”, I generally like noir-ish films, but I saw the trailer and couldn’t make sense of it.