Most prolific serial killer

79 year old Samuel Little has confessed to 93 murders over 35 years, dating back to the 1970s. Authorities have been able to verify 60 of the killings and are working on verifying the rest.
This makes Little the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history.

Seems like he killed mostly women that wouldn’t be missed in society, minorities and prostitute.

Probably why he got away with it for so long.

I think what’s strictly who he killed- prostitutes and dope heads.

Which is the trend among most serial killers target the fringe of society that people wouldn’t miss.

we had one in B.C operated for decades before anyone notice 40 + missing woman from a single city.

That Canadian Air Base commander who was a serial killer is the one who amazed me. Col. Williams?

Yep currently serving life the military burned his uniform and destroyed his medals.

Not sure I see the point in Ohio indicting him presuming the life sentence he is currently serving has no chance of parole. Absolutely investigate to see if can link him to unsolved murders but going through all the expense of an indictment and then a trial is pointless since he’s already in prison for life.

Also this guy may not hold a candle in total deaths to another American serial killer: Charles Cullen. He was a health worker who did so called “mercy killings.” These tend to slip under the radar more than normal ones because so often the deaths are passed off as natural causes. Its estimated he may have killed around 400 people but its hard to know since so many of his possible victims were passed of as natural causes so no autopsies or toxicologies were done - if your in a nursing or critical care unit with some serious condition and then die its 99% of the time written off as natural due to whatever you were there for. These Angels of Death killers only ever get caught when they got sloppy, start killing healthy people, or start killing too many too fast.