Moscow tells 13 mostly U.S. tech firms they must set up in Russia by 2022

…or face various levels of punishment.

Our competitors all seems to be getting bolder lately. Looks like Russia is making more power grabs while strong-arming is still easy. The Balkans aren’t looking so good again either. :thinking:

I can understand that. If these entities make money on Russians, Russia has the right to force them to set up shop there too. Then Russians also prosper and it isn’t just a one way street where only these companies do…IMO. Everybody wins.

Especially Russian hackers.


As long as it doesn’t end up with more than an office. If they demand tech transfer they can pound sand.

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The global tentacles of business remains a big problem.

We need Trump to work a deal.

The censorship needs fixed first. Break them up by country served also.

We do the same, which is why foreign car companies build here. Difference is, we don’t rip them off when they do. China has and will just steal your business and kick you out of the country and change its name but keep all your IP. So it’s a fools bargain. Bad idea to put too many financial eggs in any country without decently fair courts.