Morning joe Just Lied to His (Tiny) Audience.... The Sun Rose in the East

The bleach blonde idiot just directly lied to his audience after his guest, josh lederman gave a report about Rudy in Ukraine, scarborough proceeded to say:

scarborough speaking about trump: “And how long he’s been pressuring him. I mean, zelensky’s elected in April, and he makes a phone call on the way down to Mar-a-Lago, to congratulate him. And then, uh, immediately starts talking about these investigations.”

Problem is, the Ukrainian election was over on April 21st.

joe biden didn’t announce his candidacy until April 25th.

The corrupt media impeachment will continue apace.

Was it a complete shock to you on April 25th when Biden announced he was running for president?

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Does scarborough, or anyone else, including you, have any idea what was said on the call back in April??

willie geist just did it again.

Corrupt media impeachment.

this guy and his pathetic show, idiot wife, and psychotic network are far beyond any expectations of telling mere truth.

they literally exist in a Potempkin world

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How long before we get reporters blocking the elevator doors and screaming in the face of some republican senators??

So much hoopla over a guy who won’t be Democratic nominee.

Wasted energy.

andrea mitchell just said that in 5 years of fighting the russians obama didn’t give Ukraine any “offensive weapons, shamefully, many say from barack obama.”

As opposed to the many defensive weapons obama gave them??

That’s what I’ve been saying.

Glad you all are catching up.

Well, I’m trying to figure out how any of this is surprising?

i guess you must be irate over the president lying yesterday.

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I find it funny when a Trump supporter starts caring about lies.


You got him now!

I find it remarkably consistent when trump-haters defend all of the media lies.

So predictable.

The corrupt media impeachment, made possible by people like you.

Selective blindness and hypocrisy.

Nah, there’s nothing humorous about a Loyalist anymore.
They all signed up to stand guard on the RNCTrump, grab an instrument, and play until the ship has sunk. Fleeing rats are not allowed. They have all placed party over country.

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Did the Orioles lose again?

Yup. Secured the Number #2 pick in next year’s draft, and have actually “improved” over last year’s team, without even trying to add a lot last winter.

We saw them play in Arizona, Anaheim and San Diego back in July. Last year we saw them in Atlanta, Philly and Toronto. The year before in Milwaukee and Minnesota. I’ll probably catch them in New York and Boston next year.

They suck, but there is some reason for optimism.

Thanks for asking.

Hey, when you’re crashing blow up the team, play for the bottom and hope you get good draft picks.

Not as effective in baseball as football but still quicker than many other roads to recovery.

Yeah, I still watch them a lot, even with low expectations. They’ve made some incredibly bone-headed plays this year that I’d estimate cost them about 8-10 wins. It’s incredibly frustrating to watch at times, and I don’t like seeing them lose, but another Number #1 pick would have been fine with me.

The Tigers were just so bad this year.