Mormons reduce Sunday church time from 3 hours to 2

2 hours instead of 3. :smile:

Thankful I grew up in the United Methodist Church. Services were a 45 minutes long each week. :smile:

2 hours seems like plenty of time to get the message across.

As a preacher once said, If you haven’t hit a gusher in 45 min, stop boring.

In medieval times, 2 hours would only be half way through a Christian service. :grin:

You could never scare the ignorant peasants enough with hell fire and damnation. Unless they gave to the church…and give till it hurt. Then you might be saved.

I remember when my father started attending Lutheran services, as opposed to my mother’s Southern Baptist church. The concept of being home from services after only 45 min and back home in time for kickoff as opposed to home 3 hours later made it a no brainer. :wink:

Attending church is like going to the driving range if you were to compare life to the game of golf. The actual course is outside the doors but practice is necessary in your attempt to be Christ-like.

Church was the biggest social event of the week. Two hours of medieval church = two hours of 21st century football.

Well in their defense it’s not like they had anything else to do. A resurgent plague could wipe out whole villages and either you filled the baron’s coffers or you were broken on the wheel. So yeah church was a break.

They didn’t think that far ahead. The church was as likely to an oppressor as the local lord.