More winning - nail manufacturer effected by tariffs

Nail manufacturer on the brink of extinction because of steel tariffs.

Oh boy…between HD, Carrier, now this…forgotten man is killing it!

Those people reside in Trump Country. Oh well.

Has trump tweeted an insult or threat yet?

And you are happy that all those people’s livelihood’s are at stake because it makes you political point?

Let’s just say the sky falls and US industries are ruined because of Trump’s tariff’s. I would much rather be of the side of the guy who miscalculated, than the guys who are happy to see people’s lives ruined to make a political point.

No, I’m not happy.

I’m pointing out the effects of ill conceived policy so we don’t vote back in the people who implement them.

Why don’t we just learn from our mistakes and course correct?

They’re probably tired from all the winning anyways. Now they’ll have some extra time to rest up.

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Avid trumpers insist people will have to get hurt for Trump’s tariffs to work. So yeah, I’m glad it’s not me.

I’d much rather be on the side of the blue collar worker who’s job is about to be eliminated due to ill conceived policies from this administration!

This. I’d hope no one on here wants to see America or its citizens do poorly to prove a political point. There is a difference between reveling in someone’s misfortune and pointing out how the misfortune occurred.

At least they have that govt. paid for health care trump promised them, so if they get sick, they will be fine.


Of course because you don’t understand that the miscalculation is the root cause, you just care about the blame and those who are happy are the ones to blame… That’s stellar logic, stellar i tell ya.

Well, I was getting tired of all this winning so this is really good news!

Glassman called President Donald Trump’s trade policy misguided. He noted that the company had doubled its work force since 2013, and thrived despite increased competition from China.

But…but…but…I was assured the economy was terrible under Obama.

And now they are being driven out of business, or perhaps having to relocate those American jobs to Mexico under dumb ■■■■ Trump?

Is this WINNING to Trumpists?

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I would much rather be on the side that didn’t start a trade war with the entire world simultaneously. I would rather nobody suffers but that isn’t possible with the restrictive policies being put in place. So if somebody’s life is going to ruined from Trump’s policies then yes I’d rather it be those who voted for this and not those who voted against it.

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Some people my think, oh well it’s just nails, this can potentially have a ripple effect on construction, specifically home construction. Expect for home prices to go up.
The whole idea is to bring companies home, not send them away over a misguided ego.
Yet another example of 45 supporters getting burned along with many others. Unfortunately, this will not matter to them because like all 45 supporters, they don’t care.
It’s pretty sad the so many people can possibly lose their livelihood due to partisan, misguided, authoritarian, sophomoric and egotistical policy
Party > country

Are we winning yet?

It’s not a miscalculation when you’re being told “Don’t do this because you’re going to cause to cause of a lot of unforced economic pain” and you go ahead and do it anyway.

I’m not feeling sorry for them, they brought this ■■■■ on to themselves.

There is a difference between accepting collateral damage and celebrating it. One of which is arguably callous, and the other unequivocally routed in malice.

“Don’t touch the stove, you’re gonna burn your hand”

“Screw you, I told everybody I’m going to touch the stove so I’m gonna touch the stove”

“Damn that ■■■■ burns!”

“Told you so”

“How dare you point that out”