More voter suppression?


We are constantly being told by the left that when democrat’s lose close elections, it’s due to voter suppression and the election was “stolen.” But actually finding the voters who have been suppressed has proved to be very difficult. They seem to be hiding. Maybe because the opposite is true? A BLM founder has just been arrested on felony charges of voter fraud. Imagine that. Voter fraud. The crime that democrats claim doesn’t exist.

No your not.

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Ever heard of Stacey Abrams?

“Racially motivated patterns of voter suppression are responsible for Stacey Abrams not being governor of Georgia right now.”

Registration fraud and voting fraud are 2 entirely different things

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She’s also charged with false entry on an election document

Yes. That’s fraud.

Yes. Registration fraud

“unlawfully and intentionally” voting in several elections over recent years.
And…………Voter fraud.

No, the offense is still registration fraud. The same as it was for all the GOP officials caught doung the same thing in 2018

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Thank you for that. It all ends with fraudulent votes being cast. Right? But you may choose to call it what ever you please. Nit picking over semantics bores me. So. Call it what ever you choose. K?

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Words matter

Sure. I already agreed that you can call it what ever you choose. :sleeping:

Kind of like how hard it is to find voter fraud. Out of 153 million voters how many cases can you find?

A few. How many cases of voter suppression did you find?

How many elections were there in 2018 and 2019 where Democrats lost?

What percentage of those elections included media stories on voter suppression?

By your math, Stephen F Austin University is “constantly” beating number 1 ranked basketball teams because they did it last night.

That you picked the election where the winner was a guy who was in charge of voter rolls to illustrate your point indicates you’re fully aware of your poor analysis and use of “constantly.”

Here’s the word “constantly” used correctly: “I am constantly correcting Trump supporters, but they are immovable human stumps.”


Here is 3,000 for starters…

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Still waiting for the “trunkloads” of votes that were not counted for Mitt Romney during 2012 election.
Did anyone get to the bottom of that?


The Gateway Pundit? Joe Hoft? Surely you cant be serious


Then do your own research and use your own sources. See what you find. Cool?

I’m guessing that your disagreement is with my use of the word constantly?