More VA purges maybe they can get hamburgers instead of health care

Trump administration breaks campaign promise, purges 200,000 VA healthcare applications

How many groups left have to pay for buying into the con man?

Now all the vets who were waiting for VA treatment will be told to try again.

So let’s see - we have:

  1. No healthcare plan sent over to congress on day 1
  2. The national debt is not on track to be eliminated in 8 years
  3. No check from Mexico to pay for that wall
  4. Hillary is not in jail

and now this.

Apparently, with Trump, a promise made is a promise broken…


Did Obama and the Dem Politicians take care better of the Veterans or
has Trump and his team?

I’m pretty sure Veterans in general got pretty screwed over under obama,
and the Democrat Politicians.

So no point in voting for repubicans then…

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Is this a joke?

His accomplices won’t care.

…but Obaaaaaaaamaaaaaa!!!

or something.

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Hmmm screwing over veterans… Who would have thought

Well he’s said he doesn’t like POWs and attacked gold star families yet his supporters cheer him on.

Veterans have ever only been a prop the GOP used for political gain. Trump has clearly demonstrated they don’t give a damn.

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