More US school age kids killed by guns than on duty police or Active Duty military

"It is sobering that in 2017 , there were 144 police officers who die d in the line of duty and about 1,000 active duty military throughout the world who died , whereas 2,462 school-age children were killed by firearms, " said Dr. Charles Hennekens, the study’s senior author and an academic adviser at the medical college.

Shocking statistic.

And two more mass shootings in the past few days.

What a shame.

So, just the price of freedom?

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What’s the leading cause of death and is the leading cause a protected right?


38% of your number is suicide, not being killed by a shooter.


It’s the price of a crumbling society, including a crumbling morality, a crumbling family structure, a crumbling respect for life, among many other factors.


The data is skewed.


And they didn’t count police suicides.

Law enforcement agencies across the country lost at least 159 officers to suicide in 2018.

I’ll assume the source is acceptable.


Did they count school age suicides by gun?

We’ve been telling you chicago and dem cites have become Violence capitals of the US and I’m glad this article confirms it.

How are those kids getting guns to shoot each other with? Why are their values so shallow, killing is common in the dem cities? This is what happens after 50 years of dem rule…



Can you point to that? I don’t see evidence of that in teh article. But I may have missed it.

The number. Plus that’s the way the hoplophobes role.

Do you have proof the number cited in teh article includes school age suicide by gun?

I suspect you don’t.

From the article. 61% assault. And I’m sure this number includes gang violence. 32% suicide. 5% accidental. 2% undetermined.
But I can’t see where they are including suicides, accidents and undetermined in the police and active duty numbers. So skewed data since they only list killed in the line of duty for these two groups.


What a ridiculous BS article and claim.

No gun ever killed anyone unless it blew up in their face.

What percentage of these “school age children” are gangbangers killed in the commission of crimes or in shootouts with other gangs?

They aren’t counting non duty related deaths either.


Yah, they’re counting suicides.

The study found these listed causes of death among the children: 61% from assault ; 32% from suicide ; 5% accidental ; and 2% undetermined.

In the 5-to-14-year-old age group , accidents accounted for 12.8% of cases (830 deaths); suicide, 29.6% cases (1,912 deaths); assault, 54.8% cases (3,545 deaths); and undetermined, 2.7% (177 deaths), according to the study.

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Yes, teh number cited in the article.

Told you so.

What is your suggestion? I carry a pistol almost everywhere I go. Would you change that?

Yes. Especially suicide.

Suicides are rising with this trend of destruction as well.