More spinelessness from the GOP

“Sen. John Kennedy walks back earlier criticism of Trump admin’s handling of coronavirus: 'I’m very pleased”

Is there anyone in the GOP who is not afraid to criticize Trump? Don’t know how these people go home to there wives everyday knowing Trump has turned them into a bunch of eunuchs.

I’m sure Trump called Kennedy into his office (or on the golf course) and told him to shape up or Trump’d have State TV and CEC all over Kennedy.

For those who chose to stay in the GOP, there is but one rule that must absolutely be followed at any cost: Never, under any circumstances, dare to criticize or question The Messiah.

My bet is that Mick Mulvaney made the call. If I were the Republicans on the hill I would be pretty upset that Trump now has 28 acting cabinet secretaries. All the best people.

“If I were the Republicans” - That’s using logic and common sense.
Trump found loopholes. HE can switch one idiot for another. And what will the spineless R’s in Senate do about it? Build a bigger statue of their idol.

…and BAM…it’s another libfest of lighting their hair on fire. Please…carry on. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:



Criticism was before the press conference.

Press conference answered his questions.


Aww, you should’ve waited until 25 posts, then it would’ve been a fanny-slapping fest. You ruint’ed it! lol


:joy: that conference was a ■■■■ show. It might be like the flu maybe worse maybe better it might spread might not wash your hands and you probably won’t die you’re welcome bye

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To you.

As I would expect.

Not to Kennedy.


■■■■■■■ tiresome, isn’t it?

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