More republican voter fraud

With all the cries from the right of voter fraud, it seems that every time someone gets nailed for it, its a republican.


Somebody posted it in the voter fraud thread

Did she have id?

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Hey look! The system works!!!

Big Republican. Her husband was rejected as a nominee for rep by Republican voters. Not even a nominee.

What is your point?

I would imagine his point is anyone can run as a republican so it’s disingenuous to tar all republicans with a republican who can’t get elected by republicans. Just a guess.


hey look. fraud exists!


Both things are absolutely true!

It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle commits it…but what it does do, is prove it’s happening. All of us should unite in cleansing our voting system from any and all fraud. Those that get caught, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows. If we need to revisit these laws and institute harsher punishments, it should be examined fully.


Arresting people who commit fraud is a way to cleanse the system….

Why do you guys keep talking about zero crime as if that were ever a thing.

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Yet it keeps happening. R after R after R…

Lock 'em up!


52 counts, yikes! I guess she didn’t read the DNC voter fraud manual.

Isn’t it available in pdf form?

Up to five years IIRC.

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Once again with the red herring argument that people are saying there’s no fraud that happens.

Something no one has ever said nor ever even hinted at.

Weird. It’s totally illogical that only the side willing to look for fraud is the one that finds it.


Yet almost never is it the ones they accuse. Weird indeed.

No one made that claim. Stop trolling

No the claim that was made that something needs to be done

Something is being done

Is it easier to start a discussion with an accusation?