More “progress” from the progressives

Yeah. I’d say libertarians are classic conservatives. Frequently conservatives talk like they’re libertarians.

I’d say libertarians are fiscally conservative and socially liberal, making them consistent in their small government ideology. Right wing conservatives have no problem expanding government if it fits their interests, regardless of any way they may talk.

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Correct. There is no consistency there. Government is bad when it sticks its nose in health care, guns, etc… But government is very good when it comes to telling people who can get married, what they can put into their bodies, decency laws, etc…

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See what happens when a POTUS says “ass” and not enough outrage is generated?

Next it’ll be man on dog, because lefties are without morality!


I am sorry but what in holy hell. Who is making appreciative remarks at 11 yo girls

Let’s put that aside for just a moment. I just want to clear up does your post mean that a woman who gets to choose what she wears or doesn’t wear gets no say In someone giving her an appreciative remark?

Now let’s get back to the age group addresses in the op.

So if i am completely misreading your post then i apologize in advance

If one is in want of sexualizing an 11 year old girl, that is on them.

Not the girl.

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So what’s going to happen when they are caught in photos? Are they going to go after the photographer for child porn?

Now having said that, if that’s what the people want so be it. I’m last person to pass judgment.

Who would be taking photos of random 11 year old top less girls ?

I asked what’s going to happen when those photos start showing up…not who or why.

Remain focus now.

Not really an answer to the question now is it?

Who is taking pictures of random topless
11 year old girls?

Anyone who sexualizes an underage girl … that is their problem… not the girl’s.

So why should the restriction be put upon the girl?

What part about random pictures that you don’t understand?


Take a picture like this for example. A small town in Colorado and it’s people. Some may be topless, some may even be under 18 years of age.

What happens to the photographer?

Now remain focus and leave your perversion in the closet.

Edit to add, this is small town in Pa…but it could be Colorado Springs as well.

Would a picture like that be sexualized?

Who would sexualize such a picture?

Why would behavior of someone else be, by law, changed because of a danger that it would be sexualized?

What would happen to photographer…can you remain focus long enough and not sexualize? Or is that beyond your grasp.

I was on vacation in Thailand once and there was a topless girl at the beach. She was probably about 10 and from Russia. It was a bit uncomfortable for me as an American, but no one made a big deal out of it. Just different customs.

the left: should be legal for teen girls to go topless because govt is too big

also the left: govt needs to control all aspects of healthcare, education, energy, guns…

If the photographer is taking a landscape picture (Like the one you posted) and the girl happens to be in the shot, nothing should be done.
If the photographer takes a picture with her as the focal point, then he might have some explaining to do.

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we are not south America or Africa. much to the dismay of the anything goes left

should 11 year old girls be allowed to walk around in public topless?

are exposed breasts an expression of sexuality in our culture?

right. but colorado is not thailand.

not yet anyway