More “progress” from the progressives

now legal for women to go topless in colorado city.

11 yr old girls

about time, huh lefties?

< eye roll >

That doesn’t seem like a leftist cause. Conservatives are the ones who are for small government, are they not ?

yeah it’s a hard right conservative issue.

thanks for posting

It is, at least for those conservative that are actually for small government. You think government needs to dictate people what they should or should not wear ?

yes. should we keep govmt small enough to allow ■■■■■■■■ on the street too?

I have no idea what some people’s hangup with human breasts is. But be that as it may - the usual lectures from conservatives are how government is inefficient, bloated and ineffective. A popular quote of Reagan is how the most terrifying words in English language are " I’m from the government and I’m here to help."

So why on Earth would you ever trust such an ineffective, inefficient, already far too intrusive monstrosity with such a greatly important task of protecting us from a human breast ? Let’s let the free market decide.

I am surprised that people wouldn’t want them covered from head to toe.

Maybe a head covering for good measure.


this is not a “size of govt” issue

it is a decency and protection of minors issue

do you think it’s ok that 11 year old girls go around topless in public?

why would that surprise you?

or is this just another sarcasm post

If someone were to look at an 11 year old girl as a sex object, that is not the problem of the 11 year old girl but a problem with the observer.

The 11 year old girl should not be forced to cover up in an unequal manner to an 11 year old boy because of someone else’s problem.


They do in many South American and African tribes.

Are all those tribes filled with immoral people?

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Oh and there’s a solution for Fort Collins.

Have any topless ban apply to all regardless of sex.

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answer the question please.

I did answer.

I pointed out the ruling gives an out for those who are morally offended.

Topless ban that applies to all regardless of sex.

So…are African and South American tribes who go around topless…and some even naked…immoral or not?

The fact this has to be explained is disturbing.


It’s all relative. Do you think they should have their heads covered? Do you think they should wear ankle length skirts?

To be fair, that’s more of a libertarian approach. When it comes to liberals and conservatives, the size of government matters greatly by issues.

you didnt answer squat

yes or no?

Their physical features are not the same.

Let a boy walk around with his penis hanging out. Then it’d kinda sorta be the same.

Although there again, any woman who’d get the hots for an 11 year old boy…

But it’s like I said. If they’re going to put their goods on display, they have no right to complain when the opposite sex (or even the same sex) makes appreciative remarks about them - so they better not try to sue for sexual harassment.

And let’s not forget that 80% of the US is obese, including kids. It’d really be better if these kids would keep themselves covered just on general purposes.

It absolutely is a size of government issue if you want government to protect you from breasts.

Same government that you guys don’t want anywhere near your health care, your bank account or your guns - you know, because nothing of importance can be trusted to the government.