More on the wonders of Socialism.. Skills you need to survive. Eating spoiled meat 101

More on the wonders of socialism… But don’t worry Maduro has a plan to fix it in a few years.

Why is it that leftist can’t see the failure of their policy? Is Maduro just a psychopath? Does he like children dying, hunger and refugees… Wouldn’t you resign with such bad results?

Leftist are odd, and can’t learn from history. 100 million dead in less than 50 years…

I’m getting rather tired of pea brained Conservatives yelling LIBERAL POLICIES MAKE VENEZUELA like drunken hobos on a street corner when places like freakin Norway exist.

You couldn’t even find Venezuela on a map, much less explain the complex economic factors and deep seated corruption that lead to Venezuela being what it is today.


You really need to stop broad brushing us on the left for being totally okay with socialism. Many on the left embrace capitalism. Our desire for having some social safety nets for those in need does not equate to government handouts for all. And you also should be more aware that there is a good amount of socialism in our current system that was created and is maintained by those on the right.

Because it works.

Given the chance liberals would take off the mask build another Venezuela… Why else are they supporting bringing lots of Cuban socialists from south America.

Demographics shows your party heading to candidates like Ocasio-Cortez. Basically Cuban socialists are taking over your party.

Even Norway calls them selves captialist and Asia is heading towards Adam Smith land…

Crazy Rich Asians…

yes, if your goal is poverty…

You’re trying to reason with a moron.

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Stop encouraging him.

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yes, people who can’t learn from 100 million dead or current Venezuela…

If socialism was so great, why can’t you practice it without govt. Capitalism works on any scale, with Govt or no govt as the illegal drug market shows…

Stop debating…lol!

I’d just like one lefty to answer if Maduro is a psychopath or just stupid?

You might want to feed this much truth to them in more bite size morsels. All at once and you risk giving them bubble guts.

The 10 most socialist countries:
New Zealand

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Those are mostly market based economies with high costs of living because of high welfare benefits…

And I don’t know what welfare type benefits they have in China these days, but I’m not surprised a leftist would praise their tyranny…

Who is praising China’s tyranny?

Sounds like you are a big fan… What benefits are they entitled too?

That was back when you had bluedogs… and welfare has destroyed many poor families by driving dad away…

at least the dems pretend to agree too much socialism is bad.

Where did you get the idea that I am a fan?
I started going to China in the late 1970’s when they were still wearing the flannel suits and holding their little red books. Over the decades I have been doing business there I have got to know the people and society pretty well. I admire their negotiating skills. I have watched the government embrace capitalism in order to build their infrastructure. And I deplore their stances on human rights.
And of course Trump was very strict with them on human rights…not.