MORE MADNESS: Women’s March Founder Tells Reporter to ‘MOVE ON’ When Pressed on Israel | Sean Hannity

A co-founder of the Women’s March movement continued to raise serious questions over allegations the organization is plagued with anti-Semitic philosophies Friday; telling a reporter to “move on” when asked if Israel has a right to exist.

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A radical Muslim, Linda Soursar who supports terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood with her Co-founder Tamika Mallory, a ghetto project reject who Soursar has indoctrinated into militancy, are bound and determine to utilize the woman’s march as an ideal opportunity to viciously attack the Jewish community and faith in claiming the Palestinians are native to the land, what land was not clearly identified, however with the attacks permeating in the US it is believed it is the United States. American women must have a collective of what area’s they want to protest against not be used as a puppet by Muslim extremists or black militance in high jacking the real purpose of the woman’s march, or so one would think.