MORE MADNESS: Women’s March Founder Tells Reporter to ‘MOVE ON’ When Pressed on Israel | Sean Hannity

A co-founder of the Women’s March movement continued to raise serious questions over allegations the organization is plagued with anti-Semitic philosophies Friday; telling a reporter to “move on” when asked if Israel has a right to exist.

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Tamika…Dat be de mos’ antisemitic crap I evah heard, girl!
Share this a little further…I wants to tell her to MOVE ON when affirmative action and BLM CRAP
be discussed. How ‘bout black on black killings…"
She, like these other Dumbo c RATS / socialists, want to change the subject when thinkin’ and facts
need to be knowed.

Amazing…These lefties are so fearful of telling the truth about themselves.
And here is a newsflash for ya, honey, YOU are not conducting the interview. Either answer the questions, or decline the invitation to the interview.
But unlike your protectors in the mainstream media, YOU don’t get to decide what is news.

Words of wisdom, “You are judged by the company you keep” . The public figure you so admire has declared his own admiration for a certain leader from World War II who not only hated Jews, Gypsies and Eastern Europeans but also declared Africans to be sub-human. I don’t think that this is the type of person I would like to be associated with.