More Liberal Anti-Gun Lunacy

Ths logic here is felony stupid.

"A better solution here, where the National Rifle Association is so influential, would be to render illicit firearms useless.

It is not as insurmountable as it might appear.

Today, one can walk into a gun shop and purchase, for instance, a .22, .38 or .44-caliber handgun. Most firearms are built to accommodate one size round only. Here’s what would happen if the manufacture of today’s standard-size rounds were outlawed, and .21, .37, or .43-caliber rounds took their place: Eventually, gun owners would run out of the old ammo, and their weapons would become paperweights."

They started trying to go after ammo during the Clinton administration with his ban on “cop killer bullets” which was of course BS from the start.

Any center fire rifle round will shoot through both sides and the middle of standard issue body armor shooting standard FMJ ammo.

Is it true that most police are shot with their own weapons?

It claims this at this site that sells body armor…

No it isn’t true. Those are definitely the exception to the rule.