More leftist stupidity in California

Called the “FAST BILL”, which is the Fast food accountability and standards recovery act. This bill was passed last year and forces fast food restaurant owners to pay employees 22 dollars an hour, and give mandatory 3.5% raises each year! Implementation of the bill is on hold till 2024 pending the outcome of a referendum vote.

McDonald’s of course, is one of the chief opponents of the bill and has said it will make it very difficult to operate in California. How will other restaurants, especially the small businesses without the mega corporation behind them survive? McDonald’s said that would drive their prices up 20%

Burger flipping is not particularly a high job skill to begin with. The push for, and implementation of a 15 dollar an hour wages for burger flippers has already made eating out prohibitively expensive for too many families already.

That’s what California needs isn’t it? More laws to punish the middle class, destroy small businesses, push big businesses out and cause the exodus to continue to expand. California is sure to lose some Congressional seats just from the population decrease they’ve already experienced, so maybe it’s a good thing that the electoral power of California will decrease.

Libs really have zero common sense. They will destroy themselves with their own stupidity, which wouldn’t be a bad thing for America, except they insist on taking everyone else down with them.

On the bright side, the number people who are leaving, due to their left wing lunacy, are being more than made up for by the highly skilled, highly educated, highly self sufficient illegals they are welcoming in and providing free tax payer paid benefits to.



If this is true, then moving two $22 a hour is a great move.

Going from $15 to $22 a hour represents an almost 50% increase in wages.

So you’re telling me that their wages can go up 50% and all it costs is 20% increase in prices on a cheeseburger?

Cheeseburger goes from $2 to 2.40 but my monthly gross income goes from $2600 to $3813? :rofl::rofl:

What do you think a good minimum wage amount is for CA and why?

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Pretty sure Flippy is cheaper.

So how does 15 an hour to zero sound?


It sounds like something that would happen regardless of wages.


I have no problem in supporting a 20% increase for services at any restaurant if if means the workers are getting a good wage.


Remember when Papa Johns said the ACA would raise the price of pizzas 11-14 cents to provide mandated health insurance.

Oh the horror!

How much did doubling McD’s CEO’s salary to 20M affect their bottom line?


Mcdonalds is hardly a small business.

most Fast food is huge business.


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And lo and behold Papa Johns is still in business.

Doing some rough math, yes pay the FF workers TWICE the current hourly rate then up the menu 20%.
So then a Big Mac, fries and drink having the nutritional value of a pound of owl ■■■■ would cost roughly $8.50. About right?
Question (actually a few).
Would the FF worker be happier with that wage increase? Will they perform more efficiently and conscientiously. Will they be more friendlier to customers?
Finally will McDonalds scam on portions to be able to cover these new overheads?

Since the law only applies to restaurants with 100 or more locations nationwide, I think small businesses will be just fine.

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But if you provide someone a living wage they won’t want to … better themselves or get a better job … or something?

Oh I missed that major detail

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McDonald’s only owns a small percentage of it’s domestic locations.


I agree with a higher minimum wage. 22 seems pretty high though.

I don’t agree with mandatory wage increases.

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Flippy is coming no matter what the wages are now or in the future.

Anecdotal, but we took a trip to Norway and Iceland, where everyone had health care and good wages, and benefits, and everyone we encountered in all sorts of jobs seemed really happy and friendly.

No tipping in those countries either.

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So basically proponents of AI and robots taking over fast food are proposing this knowing what the outcome will be. The useful idiots who are unable to take off their VR headsets and see down the road are in favor of the huge wage increase, of course. :joy:

AI and robots are taking over regardless of wages. The only way to stop it is a government ban on robot burger flippers and other forms of automation. Is that what you want?

The next big thing in customer service will be AI that customers will not be able to distinguish between human or AI operator.

Through my work I am involved with a number of AI related projects. Fascinating, exciting but also slightly concerning.

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