More Leftist Indoctrination with directions to hide it from parents

More of the social construct ■■■■■■■■■ A directive and training program for Chicago Public Schools ordering teachers to conceal information from parents, to actively participate in teaching that sex and gender are not biological, but only a social construct and that “everyone” is fluid gendered.

Chicago schools training says sex ‘not rooted in biology,’ tells teachers to hide gender pronouns from parents


The “sex is a social construct” seems a bit suspect to me. I’d need to see the presentation to see what’s going on there.

But if a student comes to school and is like, “I’d like to use her/she as my pronouns.” and the teacher is like, “Ok, cool.” What’s the big deal? Do we want teachers calling parents being like, “Your child is going by her/she now.” Like who cares? I’d rather the teachers stay out of it.

Otherwise, I always get a hoot out of these FoxNews articles designed to scare people. Like, nothing about any of this is news. It’s a “report” about ONE internal training for Chicago teachers. More specifically, it’s about TWO SLIDES from a 104 slide presentation. Y’all pressed for some manufactured outrage and Fox has their finger on the pulse.


These are not educators they are predators that should be arrested, charged and thrown in jail where they belong.


What do you feel about this is predatory?

Respecting someone’s pronouns is definitely predatory.

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The subtext is that children don’t know what they feel.

Equally as daft, that some kind of genetic property rights is a substitute for expertise about how children experience sex or gender.

■■■■ , I play tennis, but I didn’t hire myself as my kids’ tennis coach. I hired a tennis professional.


They don’t deserve respect

Mmkay, perhaps you have a point. Let’s go with “it” instead of a gender pronoun or maybe children can be taught to call each other “kangaroo”?
Meanwhile in the quest to prepare our children for an ever changing competitive world, out in Oregon….


Wait. Who doesn’t deserve respect?

Why? Because a pronoun that doesn’t match genitalia is unnatural or arbitrary?

Explain, expert on gender and language that you are, how Turks, Persians and Hungarians can make it through the day, since their pronouns for s/he are O, U and Ő, respectively?

Why do you feel this is predatory?

Seems rather extreme for teaching and accepting a pronoun.

The subtext to the complaints.

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Imagine trying to talk to an Italian, a language in which most local speakers drop personal pronouns because declined verbs carry person and number. However is it that Italians aren’t constantly having sex with people to whom they aren’t attracted?

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The new culture war is over pronouns.

Who knew?

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Di che ■■■■ stai parlando?

Hard to know what you are asking what I’m talking about with a word blocked out.

English has a gender-free pronoun; “it”. If people want to reject their natural gender, we could use “it”. But I think the woke , to be consistent, should objecte to culturally appropriating some other group’s traditional gender pronouns.

When I think of a modern country where women don’t know their place, it’s definitely the freaky leftist experiment in gender-bending we know and love as Iran.


English also used to have formal pronouns of respect for ones’ natural betters. Should we bring those back?