More house seats for the democrats

Now that that the new maps have become official in North Carolina the dems will have two more seats in the house. The gop .will need to flip 19 seats to regain the majority. A steep climb. Guess two more years if investigations.

The odds are that the GOP will retain the Senate and that the Dems will retain the House. If Trump wins, (which I give about a 60 percent chance), he will likely pick one and perhaps two more supreme court justices- Ginsburg (will be almost 88) and Breyer(will be 82).

Beyond anything else that will be the legacy of the Trump presidency. And likely the main reason that the GOP will allow him to do just about anything.

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Realistically the GOP would need to flip around 25 seats in 2020 to reclaim the House. Chances of that happening are incredibly slim.

I would be happy with that. Two more POTUS seats? Watching the Dems lose their minds at those hearings will be great entertainment.

Le’s remember some good context:

During Obama’s two terms in office, Democrats experienced a net loss of 968 state legislative seats, the largest net loss of state legislative seats in this category since World War II. The second-largest loss occurred following Dwight D. Eisenhower’s two terms in office, when Republicans were handed a net loss of 843 state legislative seats.

Democratic U.S. Senate seats fell from 55 to 46. Their share of the House plummeted from 256 seats to 194. … Democratic governerships also became a rarity during this eight-year period, slipping from 28 to 16.

After the election of Obama, there was much talk of a new era – that a coalition of young, minority and female voters would usher in gains for the Democrats for decades. That did not happen

He lost the House, then lost the Senate, then because of his socialist extremism gave the White House to Trump.

Obama’s Democrat Party has been a loser for 8 years on a colossal scale. They have been reduced to rubble. Republicans lost one, the House, but we are still doing excellent in the big picture, and we are poised to win big again.

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The modern conservative movement…

Liberty and Freedom. Thats right.

The Modern Democrats: socialists, baby-killers, homosexual pervert promoters, free stuff for illegal aliens

You were saying?

Dozen more seats shifting to potential Democratic pick ups:

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I feel like Tomi Lauren’s job is pretty safe. Gonna have to do better than that.

North Carolina should have been more close with how the population is. The gop currently have more numbers.

It could be an even larger lift than I previously predicted. The House isn’t flipping, and realistically it may not flip again for some time.