More good news for Democrats

Though it went with little mention 18 months into his first Term Trump’s approval ratings were five points higher than that of Obama as the same point.

The good news for Democrats was that up until a month ago he’d seen little to no improvement and went backwards in some of the polls.

This gave democrats a whole lot of hope for their blue wave and the congresssional polls still looked pretty favorable for democrats though not fort the strong blue wave they had been counting on in November.

Republicans had real reason for concern going into September but then something happned.

The Kavanaugh hearings gave America a chance to see the democrats unmasked in all of their viscious, “Win at Any Cost” and “Damn Anyone that get’s in our Way” mentality.

They showed they were willing to falsely defame and utterly destroy anyone for he win hoping to generate even more support going into the fall.

The problen? It cost them their momentum if they had any and in fact reversed it.

As if that weren’t bad enough patticularly with the election now just a few weeks away, a previously apathetic and highly divided Republican party came together starting their own wave and sucking the lfe out of what remaind of the Democrats’.

Just when the republicans needed a critical push to close the deal something worse happened.

Trump’s new approval ratings were released today.

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed Trump’s approval rating at 47 percent, the highest figures the president has posted in that poll. Obama’s 2010 approval rating for about the same time period was 45 percent.

Trump’s approval rating was highest among Republicans (87 percent); white voters without college degrees (65 percent); and men (56 percent.) The president only garnered 10 percent approval from Democrats; 14 percent from black voters; and 27 percent among Latino voters.

Forty-nine percent of registered voters participating in the poll said they disapprove of the job Trump is doing.

The same poll showed 72 percent of Democrats said they have a high interest in the upcoming election versus 68 percent of Republicans.

Oh well, at least Democrats had some good news for a little while.

See ya Nov 7, vote early and vote often!

The rest of us will vote on the 6th.


I will vote today. We have a really long ballot in CO this year, so I filled it out yesterday and will drop it off today.

This victory dance seems as premature as the Democrats’ victory dance in September.

Also, don’t you claim that you aren’t a Trump supporter?

I do love these premature gloating threads.

They always work out so well.

And a Rasmussen poll no less.

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I love Trump

He’s cool.

I agree with you, there are two weeks to go and a lot can still happen. Plus at this particular time, it still looks as though Ds will take the House, although maybe not by a lot, and Rs will keep the Senate, also not by a lot. At the moment the only seat it looks as though Rs will flip is ND, they may keep Nevada and Arizona but both of those races are very very close.

Although he has higher numbers in one poll, Trump is 2 points behind Obama in the RCP average for the same time frame.

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Not only that, but the OP seems to be forgetting what happened to Dems in 2010. A President having more people disapprove than approve right before an election is not good news for his party.

The OP is way, way too early to be opening the champagne.


The OP is famous for not reading his links.

So it would seem. Although many cite Rasmussen as gospel anyway.

Now here is something that could be significant. It may mean more than Trump’s approval rating. Early voting shows far more Rs casting ballots right now than Ds in every state except Nevada so far.

Republican-affiliated voters have outpaced Democratic-affiliated voters in early voting in seven closely watched states, according to data provided by TargetSmart and independently analyzed by the NBC News Data Analytics Lab.

GOP-affiliated voters have surpassed Democratic-affiliated ones in early voting in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Montana, Tennessee and Texas, the data showed.

Only in Nevada have Democratic-affiliated voters exceeded Republican-affiliated voters so far in early voting, according to the data.

No, the poll is from NBC.


The OP leads to newsweek which cites Rasmussen. There is a reference to and NBC poll at the end.

At this point the prediction that Dems will take the House and Reps will slightly expand their advantage in the Senate seems like the best bet. I’m not betting, though–politics is too unpredictable these days.

OK, thought you meant the one that has Trump at 47%.

A week or so ago Rasmussen was the only pollster to have Trump at +2 for favorable vs unfavorable. Surprised there was no thread on that.