More from the fascist left

The fascist left and its big corporate buddies push for more. When will these people realize they are espousing fascism?

Fascism? Nah. This is capitalism.


nah, capitalist aren’t in bed with the government. this is fascist

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That has never been true like… ever.


except it has. the deeper the left dives in the less they know what they’re diving in

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This part was pretty funny -

“As more companies and their leaders have spoken out on the issue in recent weeks, their stands have drawn the ire of Republican state and federal legislators who say companies are miscasting the matter and shouldn’t act as shadow lawmakers.”

Meanwhile corporate lobbyists have been writing legislation, for years.

Typical hypocrisy from the usual suspects. :laughing:


It’s corporatism. It’s not new.


It’s exacerbated since Citizens United. Corporations are people and money is speech, yo.

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Still don’t understand it huh?

Still projecting huh? I called it when they made the ruling.

the hipocracy is from leftist claiming they are against big business… they’re in bed with them. moreso than anyone else ever thought of being

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Yeah ok. :laughing:

Monsanto is the left? How about the NRA? Then there’s Chase Morgan, those bunch of libs. :roll_eyes:

All these corporations are now the left?

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this is in no way connected to citizens united. it is 100% corporate wokism. enjoy your fascist government

I understand. Sucks when something you supported comes back and bites you squarely on the ass, doesn’t it?

Of course you did. Perhaps you should have “called it” before they tried to protect Hildawg.

The SCOTUS could not have opined any other way in that case.

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Of course they could have. But we know who owns them.

in bed with. welcome to your fascist government

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Pretty close. Hegemony is almost shifted.

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No, they really couldn’t have. Your P-anon aside.

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