More Employers Should Have This Spirit

We’re in the business of…could be selling everything from flowers to software packages. Should you wish to champion causes like diversity, please do it off the clock.

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Snowflakes. They should try working in construction for a while, maybe a concrete contractor lol.

Tech journalist Casey Newton said about one-third of the company’s roughly 60 employees took buyouts shortly after, with one fuming: “Basically the company has said, ‘well, your opinions don’t really matter — unless it’s directly related to business…

I agree that employees should focus on work when they are, you know, at work…


Comn, the 2020 election held high interest for our office of union workers.

Everyone knew the stakes electing trump for another term.

Oh sure we have trump supporters so we had really good and productive discussions during work time.

Our office is 75-25 Biden.


This has what to do with the topic?

A private business is in the business, or should be in the business, of developing and marketing a product.

Pushing such issues as diversity drains the morale and distracts from the company’s primary purpose.

Should employees choose to espouse and campaign for a cause, those executives are indifferent.

I disagree. Part of the beauty of our current office is diversity. We have blacks, whites, Asian, and Hispanics. Men and women. Come together for the greater good of the big company profits.
I myself have a black woman supervisor. It is great.


Nobody said don’t hire black white yellow brown green any and everything in between, man, woman, trans, gay, straight whatever.

What was said in the article is stop allowing political talk and pushing of diversity as an issue on the job.

Reading that article (and there’s admittedly usually more going on than you read in a story like that) I m pretty sure it would be hard to work with the people who left. All that “woke” self righteousness looks and sounds a lot like the kind of people I wouldn’t want to have much to do with.


I agree. Sadly (again an assumption here), but the people pushing that kind of diversity tend to be ideological bigots who don’t do well with anyone who has the nerve to think differs than they do.


Imagine having a bible thumper and a Muslim extremist in the midst. Bet that wouldn’t fit into the diversity mix.

There is nothing wrong with asking employees to focus on work while at work. Let folks do their social justice stuff after work and on weekends.

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Usually the diversity is very Orwellian. Remember that line from Animal Farm? Even those who haven’t read the book tend to know it:

“We’re all equal here. But some are more equal than others.”

There’s plenty of diversity out there. It just isn’t for everyone.

For example, those pushing the term don’t seem to mind criticizing peoples of faith.

They don’t seem to have a problem making fun of others from different parts of the U S—particular white people from the southeastern states.

There doesn’t seem to be any diversity of choice. Making fun of everyone from late in life mothers to families who go overseas to adopt children seems OK by them.

Basecamp will probably be a much better place to work without those ideologues. I will say, though, it was unprofessional of certain employees to keep a list of odd client names.


As an employer I wouldn’t tolerate that stuff. You want to unite around something…unite around doing your damn jobs.

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At my job there already exists diversity committees and other conversations ongoing… I’d consider us progressive. We also have strict annual evaluations with goal writing and all that. Nothing unusual so far until two weeks back a new policy was batted about to force all employees to include exactly what they’ve done ‘for diversity’ that year in each eval. So it’s not enough just that they include diversity in everything (which is fine by me) but this new part where we may have to start listing out diversity activities for the year is getting ridiculous IMO.

I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to be a part of the funny names thing.

But those people leaving…it might well be a case of addition by subtraction. Overall a more enjoyable and less distracting workplace

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  • We had a pinata at my son’s birthday party
  • I donated my old tent to a homeless person rather than give it to GoodWill.
  • When my friend was sick I made her chicken and Spanish rice.
  • At the grocery store there was a family of color behind me. I had a cart full, they only had two items so I let them go ahead of me.


It’s all good and I’ll comply but yeah there’s definitely stuff like this coming.

Good riddance to toxic employees.


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A few observations:

Basecamp has 60 employees. I have more than that reporting to me. This idea may get traction with that many employees but likely wouldn’t if they were bigger.

Apparently there is more to this story, there was a list of “funny sounding” names making rounds in the company. Which included Asian and African names. So instead of addressing that issue specifically, they chose to ban everything.

Isn’t banning political speech, itself, political? Yes the CEO has the right to run his company they way he wants to but to suggest he didn’t make a political move is asinine. He assumes that politics and social issues don’t greatly impact his workers.

Aaaand it’s more culture war.

Try discussing a policy.

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Diversity is a heavy push with the big company.

We discuss it at length sometimes among my co workers.

It’s takes all kinds of people to make a workforce.

And not to discuss issues of diversity would seem strange.