More California madness. As if you needed more

It appears that now California will throw you in jail if you break quarantine by going to work. And release you if you are a violent rapist. Just look at the pictures. That’s all you need to do to decide if they need to be freed. Look at the pictures and the obvious answer is No, no, no and HELL NO!

But as I said before. California voted for this. There is a good chance that the victims of these demons voted for the people who freed them.


We are letting criminals out because OMG!! Covid!!! all the while arresting citizens for wanting to work or not wearing a mask.

Opposite day indeed.

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6 feet below ground. What you all thinking letting out criminals. Even Rick Grimes found safe haven behind the bars, until an inmate screwed it up for everyone. . Just saying!

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All the victims of those criminals need to sue California in a class-action suit.

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Why didn’t they just give the thugs masks?

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And don’t you dare walk on dry sand…wet sand OK. But dry sand that’s no no.

Hey stupid ■■■■■ how are you suppose to get to wet sand without walking through dry sand?

Explain that one Smartypants?

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And gloves…

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Walking dead?

N.Y. Mayor DeFascistio is telling people if they swim in the ocean, he will have them pulled out of the water.

Yes. Families should had for beach…I want videos of cops pulling kids out of he water and arresting parents.

Make great ads for Nov. :wink:


And girl infect shark…


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I’m wondering if libs figured it out yet…just how silly they are with their authoritarianism.

You’re everything I told you all over the last 15 years.

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There’s a video floating around showing inmates deliberately trying to get infected by sharing masks.
(I viewed it last week)

So they let them out?

Yes, that was their plan. I saw it also. Didn’t follow up so I have no idea how successful they were.