More Biden stupidity

Wrong. That’s not equality. That’s Marxism.

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In other news, OPEC just announced a production increase, because gas prices are a product of supply and demand, not presidential policy.

I agree. Well done @Guvnah

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There is a large disparity between white education and black education.

There is a large disparity between white crime rates and black crime rates.

There is a large disparity between white skill sets and black skill sets.

Biden has done nothing to help with this. Should he?


Biden is just a victim of circumstance. This is not his fault. Matter of fact, nothing is his fault.


I am always amused when conservatives act is if they are the true and better stewards if the economy, and then go on to deny basic economic facts.

To wit: in a single day, OPEC can do more to affect gas prices than a president can in four years.

Especially when he failed at keeping black kids like little Kammy off the school bus.


I am always amused when democrats destroy everything from border security to low inflation to energy independence then claim they had nothing to do with it.

There. We’re both amused. Happy now?


Thanks Trump! :wink:

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Too funny…Black people don’t know how to find lawyers and accountants.

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And there’s problem.

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I like these ideas as well. We agree. Hell must be very cold right now.

Low income.

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Yeah. You are amused by pantomime, the truth amuses me.

You must have an amazingly high opinion of Biden. He hasn’t been president for six months yet and it seems you expect him to be able to solve problems that span generations.


It is to some sadly those who want oil gone are elated by the higher prices. Biden announced another anti-oil measure today they are all in now, it will be on them.

Can we also agree there is nothing like that in the current administration’s proposal? In fact, I don’t see much in the linked proposal that actually does anything new or effective.

Joe is being blue dog dem joe here. Boring moderate “plan” which is mostly just air.

Your plan is much more radical and closer to the right path, though I’d negotiate “low-intersest” to “no-interest” with enrollment in civil service programs, community volunteering and/or financial education. Too many of our citizens don’t know how to or had poor access to a bank, credit, or have any training of how to handle taxes.

There is and even larger disparity among black income and Asian income, yet one rarely if ever hears this as an issue that should be addressed. One wouldn’t know it reading all the headlines on racial income inequality but Asians make the most money by ethnic group in the U.S. including those white people we are told about.

Yes, we can also agree on this. I like your plan better.