More Biden stupidity

Now your clown wants to offer government programs to shift money around? Wrong, wrong, wrong. That’s not how you address a wealth gap. Try this Joe. Try taking gas prices, inflation and illegal immigration back to Trump levels? Give people back the money that they lost through your ineptness. How has this not occurred to your dim witted president?

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Racial preferences from the government, sounds racist and unconstitutional to me.


Biden is attempting to steal page out of Trump playbook.


True on both counts. You cannot favor one race without discriminating against another.


This belong in the Biden accomplishment thread. :grinning:


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Racial discrimination is not an accomplishment. Maybe his inflation, border mess, high gas prices and record violence should go in the accomplishments thread too?


lol your “clown”

well put

Those programs are an accomplishment.

One mans discrimination is another ones helping hand.


Really? And what exactly have they accomplished?

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Everyone should have an equal chance to succeed.

These programs will help that.


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They already have it. There is no evidence that in America people are being racially oppressed. You’re believing the big lie.


If things were equal everyone would have the same income.

There is a large disparity among black income and white income.

Or can’t you see that.


I have actually proposed government targeted assistance to help close the wealth gap. So I read the link with eagerness.

I was disappointed.

I want to see low-interest, government-backed mortgage and business loans to minority borrowers.

The largest common transfer of wealth from generation to generation is the family home. Secondarily it’s family businesses.

I don’t see anything like that in the “white paper” linked in the article.

I would also propose a Habitat-For-Humanity-type program to get more minority families into homes affordably. And all those people blocking the streets and calling for “change” could actually DO something toward making that change by participating in the building program.


Sounds like the Trump Platinum Plan you all supported. I’m for it but need more details

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I agree with all of this.

Good post

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A step in the right direction, well except it a biden accomplishment which is a no no for the trump supporters.


Looks like gentrification.

If there’s one thing gropey joe learned in his 50 years in the gubmint, it’s how to fix black people.

He got dis.

This country is obviously set up as an Asian nationalist system. That is why whites are less successful than Asian Americans, right? Nigerian Americans also out pace whites, now I am confused, since they are black. There seems to be some flaw in your theory.

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No, I wasn’t for that either.