More Bad News for the Anti Gun Left

Well the FBI numbers for April are out and gun owners set yet another new record with 2,233,213 NICS background checks being performed for the month.

Mind you, while this indicates there were at least 2,233,213 firearms lawfully purchased through FFL dealers there is no limit to the number of guns per transfer so it could easily be multiples of that number.

Keep it up America the 2nd Amendment needs your support.

I don’t care, as long as they are legally acquired by capable individuals. The NICS numbers need to be taken in context though.

Your article is off by over a million background checks.

From the article:

The unadjusted total, including permits, was 2,186,119, an increase from 2,037,180 in April 2017.

That number is background checks for weapons purchases plus carry permits. I didn’t check to see if there was a source with your exact number.

Andy by “adjusting them” the author is presenting a fraud as fact.

At least one firearm is transferred with each successful background check whether it involves a carry permit or not.

Long guns are rarely considered to be carry guns nor do they require a carry permit but they do require a background check if the transfer goes through an FFL.

It should also be noted that in States like Texas that require a thorough FBI background check as part of their carry permit process, permit holders are exempted from the background check requirement on sales even if the sale goes through an FFL so while at least one sale is associated with each BGC the number of actual sales is considerably higher than the number of BGC’s.

Maybe he subtracted concealed carry permit exemptions and it was worded poorly. I think “fraud” is a little over zealous.

He claimed the numbers were down when they are not and “adjusted” the numbers to fit his meme.

That is a fraud.

Hire a lawyer, file a lawsuit.

Why bother when it is so much easier and simpler to point it out publicly?

the timing of this thread is weird. our next mass shooting should be in a week or two.

Pretty sure the 2nd is doing alright.

The 2nd Amendment is under attack now more than ever.

Dead kids will do that.



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Hey, I’m all for it, nothing drive gun sales or membership increases for the NRA not to mention all of the training being done as result of such assaults.

I’m busier as an instructor and trainer now than I ever wanted to be and class sizes have doubled over the last year.

Keep it up.

Dead kids are good business. Congrats.

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Rhetoric like yours certainly is.

By all means, keep it up.

The second amendment isn’t going anywhere. I’m sorry if the classmates of dead children are inconveniencing your ability to own guns. My heart truly breaks for you.

Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in.