More bad economic news, Unemployed vs Job openings

Just say a bit on the morning news. Apparently for the first time in nearly two decades we have more jobs being advertised than people on the official unemployment rolls.

Whatever will we do now?

If this continues wages will continue rising, companies will have to offer better benefits and will be competing for employees instead of being able to pick the cream of the crop from hundreds of applicants to fill a single job.

If this continues throughout the year that blue wave is going to be washing over dem’s in November instead of carrying them to DC.


Hopefully some will come back into the job market and increase labor participation?

If it continues I think we can count on it.

It’s what many of us have been harping about that so many just dropped out of looking for a job making the unemployment number look better than what was actually happening. This would be great because expenses would be cut if they’re on any form of assistance plus they’d generate tax revenue.

Well the retiree numbers sure didn’t account for all of it, hopefully that will be the case.

With more attractive wages, even those retired may find incentives in going back to work.

No doubt. I’m just waiting to see how this can get spun as bad news, or how Obama should get the credit.

You know it’s coming.

$1trillion deficit lol

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And it was 1.2 trillion 8 years ago.

At least with a growing economy we have a chance to reverse it.

Ya and 8 years ago we had like 9% unemployment and were dealing with a financial crisis. You guys run $1trillion deficits at FULL employment. Twighlight zoneee

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Chance to reverse??? You guys have already almost doubled the deficit since Trump was sworn in. If say that’s a pretty good reverse!

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You guys? I didn’t get to vote on it and I didn’t approve of the budget they passed.

People will start aging in reverse?

Yet here you are defending it

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Don’t worry…be happy…if things go great, you’ll hear something like…“you didn’t build that”…so…“what difference does it make”? :sunglasses:

“No doubt” lol. You guys are funny.

This is great news and neither President deserves credit for the unemployment rate.

Only issue “the worst recovery ever” still continues with the gdp nowhere near the promises made by the President.

See this is the attitude i like. I think the left should pick it up as well. The economy is doing well. Be honest about it unlike what we had for eight years

GDP has been growing faster so far during Trump’s administration than it did the prior and and as long as it keeps improving we’ll get there.

I have yet to see any candidate keep all of their campaign promises so I don’t put a whole lot of stock in them.

During the prior what? The entirety of Obama admin? Or did you mean one thing else? Not being an ass but i know without the edit button things get lost

I’m on record saying the president has far less sway over the economy than almost all people think. So I’m not giving credit to either Obama or Trump.

I just want to point out that the economy is not fundamentally different in the last year and a half.

This is the total US employment. It continues to rise at about the same rate as it has for years.