More Americans plan to oppose Trump reelection in recent poll

This particular poll was taken by Washington Post and ABC. A couple of significant figures:

  1. 23% of voters said Trump’s position on healthcare would compel them to vote for Trump, while 40% said it would compel them to vote for his opposition
  2. Overall, 55% of voters would vote against Trump, with 28% voting for him. Another 14% said they would consider it.
  3. At this point, 75% - 80% of registered voters state that they will vote in the general election.

These are just a few of the highlights. Not looking good for Trump at this point.

Full Story:

Report on the poll itself:

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the media is already trying to influence the election

not surprised


Trump’s own mouth from his own Twitter feed is what will have done him if he loses.

He’s a spoiled child.


The media wants to return to the days of immigration being the issue swept under the rug.

Sorry folks…President Trump isn’t about to let that happen.



The issue with these polls is that if they are national they really are pointless. You need to focus on the swing states…where he is still down in approval but you need to see what voters are going to do.


Uh huh…seeing how thats not the case do we have any other wild conspiracies to throw out there?

Yeah…those polls. It’s a 97% probability that Hillary will win.

She did. She did win.

Libs: Let’s get rid of the electoral college.

…and me…I’m flying in my taxi…takin tips and gettin stoned. :sunglasses:


The problem the dems had in 2016 wasn’t the electoral college - it was Hillary Clinton.

Unless I’ve missed the announcement, they won’t have that problem in 2020.

Trump got damn lucky in 2016. His opposition was likely the one candidate that was just as unlikable as him with many voters.

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Your front runners, creepy Joe, Spartacus, Buttigieg, and the hardline socialists Harris and Sanders.

You might want Clinton back after this trouncing.


I wasn’t aware that Fox News had stopped at any stage from influencing the 2020 Presidential election post the 2016 Presidential election.

Clinton isn’t running.

Time to move on.

It is very fortunate for you that you don’t live in Australia as I can imagine you fainting at the thought that a country could and should provide universal health care; national disability insurance scheme; sensible gun laws; legislation against hate speech; action on climate change;etc. etc.

And not a socialist nor communist to be seen.

The CNBC article referenced the tired old unresolvable issue of health care.

We are in the midst of a border crisis.

No conspiracy, just a healthy dose of reality and the focus of a true leader.


We are not in the midst of a border crisis.

If we were, then the National Emergency that Fat Donald declared would have had more immediate actions. What actions has he taken? Are there troops at the borders?

Health care is more important…too bad you dont like that.
There is no crisis but a self made one because of trump…
Pearl clutching isnt a reason.

Ill let you know when i see some reality

What a terrific recruiting slogan for similarly like minded compatriots.

The United States will campaign for capitalists…Second Amendment proponents…and free speech adherents.

Thanks for showing us the HUGE difference in national philosophy and freedom.


Talk to wonderingrover, he brought her up. And like I said, with the crop dusting of candidates you have before you in the Democratic Party, you’ll probably wish she were.

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that has nothing to do with what i said

me neither

We know. Sanctuary cities are getting what they have been asking for…Asylum seekers.


You should be thanking president Trump and supporting his 2020 election.