More alleged Hate Crimes

Harris, Booker, Warren and Sanders will have a busy weekend of denouncing this.

So every white male conservative who gets slapped around is now the victim of a hate crime?

Is this now a time where we can speculate and denounce without all of the facts?

It they are getting “slapped around” just because they are a “white male conservative” then yes it is a hate crime.

When are white people ever going to catch a break in this country?

I cannot even listen to Imagine Dragons without some lib telling me about the genocide of the Native Americans.

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Democrats, leftists, liberals and the MSM have ginned up so much hatred and division in this country over their hatred for President Trump and his voters that has emboldened people to behave this way. It’s damaging the civil society when average Americans are being “triggered” to attack people because of what they are wearing.


Yeah. It’s awful they are being triggered by the press. Are people triggered by Trump’s words? I just want to understand your POV here.

If we’re going to add ‘hate crimes’ to offenses against one group, then we have to for another.

Why couldn’t the man just eat his food in peace without some ranting and raving idiot ruining it?

It doesn’t appear the bartender or restaurant staff didn’t want to serve him, or expressed their views on his hat—just the one raving lunatic.

I’m sure if a Muslim woman’s scarf or face veil were ripped off, there would be protests against rising Islamophobia, but it’s OK to hassle a white nonMuslim & ruin his meal over one accessory?

It’s clear left-wing fascism is OK among radical libs.

At some point people will start to retaliate and I’m going to say to bad, so sad. :wink:

I didn’t. Look at the thread title.
What does “alleged” mean?

I’m surprised. There hasn’t been a word from Harris, Warren, Booker, Sanders or any of the national Democrats, about these alleged crimes.