Moral Grandstanding

  • Grandstanders are also a kind of social free rider, says Brandon Warmke. They get the benefits of being heard without contributing to any valuable discourse. It’s selfish behavior at best, and divisive behavior at worst.

Sounds like the behavior of a lot of libs, especially pols. I like virtue signaling better.

I’ve also noticed a lot of wolf-crying from liberal. The end of the world is nigh.

I say hogwash. We’ve got it better now than we’ve ever had it.


Those darn libz

Interesting article, Sneaky. I figured that grandstanding had these motivations to some degree. Grandstanders have no substantial input of their own, and would rather preserve their image as a “kind” person than contribute their true thoughts. When I think of grandstanding, I also think of virtue signaling.

Oh yes. One poster comes to mind, but I won’t say his name out of politeness. But I’ve interacted with him fairly recently. He’s incredibly “sneaky” about it too (no pun intended). Ironically enough, he’s also in a caregiving profession…

I wonder if they know that they are doing it? If not, are they so filled with emotion, that their reasoning is flawed?

Thank you for moving my thread to the Graveyard.

Interesting article. Too bad it relegated to OTB.

Must have hit a nerve.

The irony is that this thread is filled with rightwing grandstanding


Can you please point me to what specific posts are grandstanding? I’m asking for insight.

Hit who’s nerve? A lib’s? Remind me of who the liberal moderators are again.


Sounds like something both libs and cons suffer from. It’s the nature of politics.

Found this article as well:

" The vindictive narcissist’s hustle often takes in otherwise capable and intelligent people, including attorneys and judges. Most of us are hesitant to believe that every word an individual utters is an outright lie, especially if it is easily discovered. But that only works in the narcissist’s favor: It’s his words against yours, after all, and he doesn’t mind grandstanding."

I’m not surprised.

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Sounds like Trump

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I don’t disagree. Trump, like most garden-variety narcissists, has progressed far in life, but his ego ruins it all. He said he was a “very stable genius” today, which kind of rubs me the wrong way.

What section do you think it should be in?

Perfect description of liberals!

Moral grandstanding. :smile:

Something, that, as a chaotic neutral, you will never have to worry about coming from me. :grin:

Plenty of moral diarrhea, err, grandstanding from both the left and right around here.

About 6 or 7 Billion people on the planet, which, not so coincidentally, is about the number of moral viewpoints on the planet.

As long as it does not trespass upon the life, liberty or property rights of another person, I do what the **** I like. Very simple moral code. :slight_smile:

And as long as they don’t infringe on my personal life, liberty or property rights, I do not give a flying **** what other people do. Again, very simple.

No need to grandstand. :slight_smile:


Yes, yes it does. And many others.

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Can anyone give an example of this moral grandstanding? I’m afraid I don’t understand some ideas without examples.

This thread.