Montana Battlegrond: Steve Daines

I’ve started to get emails from Trump’s campaign soliciting donations to help make sure Daines gets elected in Montana.

Is there much chance the guy will lose?

Yes. Reports that popular governor Steve Bullock is planning to run for Senate which would make this a competitive race.

Now I’ve gotten an email from Liz Cheyney.

“Billy needs our help!”

Billy being Billy Long of Missouri.

I’m sure Democrats are sending out such requests as well… it’d be interesting to see how their requests for donations differ (if they do) from the ones the Republicans send out.

Mr. Long is my Congressman. I’m personally helping to campaign against him. But he will still sail to re-election. He is a truly horrific human being. I’ve known him for a couple of decades. Since well before he got into politics. Some of the things he has done are the epitome of immoral depravity.

It sounds like the circle you travel in, makes you a political target for politicians in need?

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I am a Republican.

I’m not sure how I got on their email lists, but I - and my Dad, an ardent Trump supporter - always get mail circulars.

I’m in a quandary, I admit.

As a Republican, I’m all for Republican ideals.

But Trump has got to go and the fact that the current crop of Republicans aren’t standing up to him and the awful things he’s done…I find that disturbing…

Unlike right wing media and certain folkshere when Obama was in office, I’m willing to give the Devil his due. I think Trump has done some good things. But the bad very much outweigh the good.


…or anything else except to line their own pockets, therefore…Trump will again get my vote.

what awful things he’s done? please provide a list of these awful things.

  1. Betraying our allies the Kurds - that was awful, stupid…and criminal. The worst thing he’s done so far
  2. Taking land away from national parks by executive order so they can be drilled on.
  3. Appointing incompetent people to high posts. Yes, most politicians do that thanks to the ‘spoils’ system. But if Trump wants to drain the swamp he should get rid of the spoils system.
  4. Tweeting incessantly about the most childish things. Creating insulting names for other politicians. Beneath the dignity of a president.
  5. Enriching himself through the office of the president by golfing at his own golf resort, insisting that his properties be used for meetings, etc.

Those will do to start.

What has he done good?

Well, standing up to the mayor of Baltimore and others who call him a racist because he dares to criticize their policies which result in their cities being rife with crime. Trump may be a racist, I’m not prepared to say, but at least he stands up and fights when accused of being a racist, simply for criticizing someone who is black, rather than immediately going into sackcloth and ashes mode and apologizing for making justified criticisms.


Bullocks approval rating has never dropped below 50%. Steve Daines has been in the low 40’s.
But more importantly- Overall - People tend to like their Governor in general and hate the Senate (and congress).
So yeah -Bullock running for the US senate is big and instantly would make this senate race either a toss up, or even lean Democrat.

  1. He did not betray the Kurds. I know how it was reported, the reports are way overblown. The Turks were coming into northern Syria no matter what we said or did. He had 2 real choices. Fight the Turks, a NATO ally, or buy a bit of time to give the Kurds the opportunity to redeploy south. He wisely took option 2, and its turned out to be rather brilliant as the Turks who had been migrating away from NATO and toward Russia, are now fighting Russian allies in Syria and Syria itself.

  2. We are now energy independent. Good job!

  3. Which incompetent people? Sondland would be the only one I’m aware of.

  4. So what?

  5. Every Republican knows this is not true, and that Trump donates every cent of profit any of his hotels makes in connection with his governance to the treasury to avoid any issues with claims about emoluments.

And the ONLY thing you find good, you manage to throw “Trump may be a racist” in…

hmmmm… Are you sure you’re not one of those liberals faking being a Republican because you think it somehow enhances the lefts inane arguments?



I’ve signed up for emails from politicians of both sides, I can tell you the current stage of Republicans’ emails are hyper emotional.

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Is the above your own opinion or are there military strategists who agree with you?

Did /do our other allies agree that Trump made a ‘brilliant’ move?

Frankly - Trump betrayed the Kurds and all of our remaining allies know it.

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The only thing that I listed that I found good.

The proportion of what he’s done bad vs what he’s done good is about that.

You really think if Trump told the Turks “don’t come in” they were coming in anyway?

If true, Trump is a ■■■■■■■ weakling.

Good question. :+1:

thank you for confirming that you’re a liberal democrat who must go to the fake news media to find out what your opinion should be.

What “real” news media says that what Trump did made any sense?

I asked you to supply links to military strategists who pointed out that Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds was a good thing.

Can you do so?

I’ve never found republicans to be as emotional as the dems.

It has been my experience that dems have a permanent chip on their shoulders.