MONICA RESPONDS: Lewinsky Reacts to Clinton’s ‘No Apology’ Comments

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Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky spoke out Monday afternoon just hours after President Bill Clinton said he doesn’t “owe” her an apology; reposting an interview and thanking those that have helped her the “past 20 years.”

Lewinsky broke her silence on social media after the former President cold-heartedly reacted when pressed on the current ‘Me Too’ movement, saying he has never issued a personal apology to his intern and has no plans of doing so.

“grateful to the myriad people who have helped me evolve + gain perspective in the past 20 years […] worth reposting this today from @VanityFair,” she tweeted.

President Clinton found himself in hot water among Democrats and other ‘Me Too’ supporters this week after he refused to comment on the possible apology, adding he had settled the matter 20 years ago when he said he was sorry to “everybody.”

Bill Clinton, Hillary and Chelsea have NO moral compass what so ever. They have a character the size of a FLEA. Hell they sleep with children and they’re dirty, nasty people. I’m sure Monica wasn’t expecting an apology from this worm.